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Personal Trainers Help You:
  • Setup & go through efficient workout routines to burn fat, tone up & build lean muscle mass
  • Get your diet & lifestyle habits dialed in to ensure optimal results
  • Be fitter, live healthier & increase energy levels
  • Boost your self-confidence through building a positive body image

For more than 12 years, we have helped thousands of expatriates & locals just like you, achieve total body transformations.


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Personal Trainers
of the Highest Quality

Through our highly rigorous interview process, we ensure that the personal trainers we hire are of the highest quality. We are extremely selective and only employ personal trainers who can help our clients get results.
We offer personal trainers of the highest quality available in Singapore
Personal Trainers
of the Highest Quality
Optimally Customized

We understand that everyone's body and lifestyle is different and unique.That's why our personal trainers will first perform a complete evaluation of your past and present medical history,present state of fitness (muscular strength,cardiovascular endurance,flexibility etc.),lifestyle and eating habits to determine the best possible program for your unique circumstances. We will then plan an individualized training routine that delivers maximum results at a pace you are comfortable with,along with a nutrition plan that feeds your body with 
the right nutrients required to
burn  fat or grow muscle
We offer an optimally customized approach to personal training
Customized Approach

Once you've started your training program, we will constantly monitor your progress and fine-tune your personal training program to help you achieve maximum results in minimal time.
Monitoring your progress and fine-tuning your personal training program to achieve maximum results

Based on Science

Our personal trainers don't believe in ‘fad diets’ or ‘magic pills’ that the media hype up. Instead, we operate based on science; more specifically, based on the laws of physiology. We use proven training methods and nutrition plans that have worked for thousands of people around the world.
Proven training methods and nutrition plans based on science
Based on Science

To be sure, getting results requires commitment on your part. Nothing would work unless you are committed to taking regular action.

This means that you need follow through on your personal training sessions and diet plan consistently. Of course, we all know that this is easier said than done, that's why our personal trainers will constantly motivate you to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.
Our personal trainers will constantly motivate you to stay on track

When you train with our personal trainers, they give you their undivided attention to ensure you are doing things right.

They constantly ensure that you carry out proper exercise form and technique and put in the right intensity throughout your sessions.
Get the undivided attention of one of our Singapore personal trainers

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P.S: We work strictly on appointment basis. Please book early to secure your slot with our highly sought after personal trainers.

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personal training guarantee.jpg 3 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
Should you decide to commit further and take up our full personal training programs, you are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not see any results within the first 2 months of working with us, we will refund you the remaining sessions.

This is a measure of how confident we are in what we do.

After all, our results speak for themselves.


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