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If you’re a true local, you’ll know that we frequent our kopitiams and hawker centres for most of our meals. It’s hot, yes, but the food smells amazing, the wok hey is tantalising, the choices are overwhelming - it’s all such a wonderful experience. But while taste and aroma draws you to start queuing, it is equally important to consider the health benefits such as nutrients, calories, and what good it’s going to do for you. So Personal Trainer Khit is going to assess some of your favourite foods. 1. Hainanese

In the pursuit of a healthy and fit lifestyle, personal trainers have emerged as invaluable allies. While their primary role is to guide and motivate individuals in achieving their fitness goals, these trainers provide much more than just training tips. They offer comprehensive support for holistic health, addressing various aspects of well-being, including diet planning, alternative exercises such as yoga or stretches, and lifestyle habit changes like sleep management. I mean, admit it, you have been bingeing Bridgerton 1 and 2 before the launch of Season 3. So let’s explore

Ah… the question everyone asks especially at the beginning of the year when setting their ‘New Year New Me’ resolution. Well, training with a personal trainer and training on your own are two completely different approaches to achieving your fitness goals. While one provides accountability, motivation, and personalized guidance, the other offers freedom, flexibility, and self-direction - what is it you’re looking for? Let’s deep dive into the key differences between both.   Training with a Personal Trainer in Singapore Personal training is a one-on-one session with a qualified fitness professional who designs

Being a personal trainer in Singapore can be a fulfilling career that has a positive impact on people's lives. Here, there is a growing demand for personal trainers who specialize in working with specific populations, including children with down syndrome, the elderly and immobile, and those recovering from injuries. In the next few minutes, we’ll explore the benefits of becoming a personal trainer who trains these unique Singaporeans.   Special needs First and foremost, working with children with down syndrome can be a rewarding experience. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects

If you’re an 80’s or 90’s baby, you’ll know age is indeed catching up. Apart from realizing that you no longer want to ‘put-your-hands-up’ and fist bump the air at 2am in the morning at Zouk, your waistband is also getting a little tighter and unforgiving. Losing weight just isn’t as easy anymore. So let’s talk about a big reset health wise.   The gut is the foundation of good health. It is the primary site for digestion, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste. It also houses a vast network of

Many dream of having that extra side income, for some it is a necessity to live a ‘better’ life in Singapore. With the ever increasing standard of living, lots of people turn their passions into a hustle. So let’s talk about your passion in all things fitness. So this is the likeliest situation - you’re keen on becoming a personal trainer but you’re deterred by the idea of having to quit your full-time job to pursue this full time. However, it is possible to be a personal trainer here in Singapore

Have you been indulging too much in those Hari Raya Goodies, or went to Geylang Serai recently to eat your heart out at the pasar malam? Yes we can smell your guilt from a mile away. Well, we got you. Grab your grocery baskets, we’re going shopping at the healthy section to reset your bellies.   First up, this is a realistic diet plan where we’re keeping things inexpensive. You don’t have to eat the most expensive organic things for a good gut. We’ve limited the list to just a few things

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Preparing for your big day can be exciting, but also stressful, as you want to look and feel your best. If you are looking to get in shape for your wedding, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are prepared and feeling confident on your big day.   Start prepping early The earlier you start, the better. Depending on your fitness level and the goals you want to achieve, you should aim to start at least 3-6 months before your wedding day. This

Have you heard of the term ‘side hustle’? Ask any millennial or Gen Z folk and high chance you’ll be left inspired to have your own. Having a side hustle in today’s age is much like wearing a badge of honor. It’s a showcase of smarts, drive, and ambition to do more than just the regular guy next door. What most people will tell you is that having a side hustle isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. Starting a new business comes with its huge risks and uncertainty. For most,

Thinking of hiring a personal trainer but have your doubts? Let us help answer some common questions customers have in Singapore.    1. Is it worth paying for a personal trainer? The short answer is yes (if you manage to find a good personal trainer). The longer answer is still a yes, but please let me explain why. A few factors come into play here.    Knowledge - a fine personal trainer is a wealth of knowledge. You can gather this knowledge yourself, through books, YouTube videos or courses but more often than not, it’s

If you’re serious about getting into good shape and health, you’ll know that diet does about 70% of the job. The word ‘diet’ scares most people because it’s easily associated with food that probably tastes blend and joyless. But people are getting more creative with recipes, so we’ve put together a tight list of things to eat before and after personal training, and for all the other days and time.   Before training - what to eat There are plenty of good options to fuel yourself before heading for a solid workout, but

The most exciting show to hit Netflix after Squid Game, is Physical: 100. If you haven’t watched it, surely you must have heard all the hype. Physical: 100 is a real life competition where 100 of the fittest in Korea come together to compete for prize money, and of course pride. The show challenges viewers to think twice when judging someone’s physique and immediately assuming whether one is stronger or weaker than another. So, that said, let’s break down what body build is better - lean or muscular? Lean There are several fitness

Personal training isn’t cheap. A session starts at a low average of $80 all the way to $200 per hour for some personal trainers! Trying to get the most out of your sessions will therefore be a sensible thing to do. Here are some tips on how you can do just that:   1. Prioritize your personal training sessions and reserve energy for them.  If you enter a session feeling drained and lethargic surely the training effect will be suboptimal. There are many ways to make sure you are fresh when you do

“A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” - maybe you’ve heard of this before. Nobody loves these kinds of guilty reminders that all our favorite local treats come with a fatty lining. Not all cholesterol is harmful though, Some are bad, but some are innocent and good. Cholesterol may even give you a more effective workout because your body needs HDL cholesterol to make hormones, build cells, and work your metabolism. It is important for testosterone production and it is also one of the more crucial hormones related

Already training with a personal trainer in Singapore or thinking of hiring one? Make sure he/she is not making these mistakes when coaching you.   1. Changing up exercises or training programs too often.  Some personal trainers, especially in big gyms in Singapore with lots of equipment, fall into the trap of using too many exercises, thinking that sticking to a few good exercises will shortchange their clients. Imagine going to the gym week 1 doing dumbbell bench press, week 2 doing incline barbell press, week 3 doing dips and week 4 doing push-ups.

Since the early 2010s, our social-driven culture has groomed us to be more than just employees of a big corporation, working 9-to-5, and keeping happy with a stable job with a single source of income. In this digital day and age of virtual connections, we are enabled to find side hustles, turn our passions into side incomes, and build an empire from a small start up right from our bedroom. Our generation has become hungrier for bigger dreams, and with that, they also strive to live life with discipline and be

State of the art machines with self-serve lemon water on tap - Being an exclusive member to a luxurious gym is often the ambition of many Personal Trainers, the reality however, is that with the ever fluctuating and increasing gym rates, it’s not the most feasible option especially if you’re just starting out. The bright and bold silver lining is that you as a Personal Trainer actually have free access to multiple outdoor exercise equipment peppered all over our cozy country - yes that’s right - we’re referring to the neighborhood

Have you been trying to exercise to burn fat or eat healthy in hopes of speeding up weight loss but seeing little or no results? It can be frustrating to spend so much time and effort on something but get back little returns. I’d recommend that you outsource this exercise to the weight loss professionals - personal trainers. Through proper exercise, diet and lifestyle modifications, personal trainers are most efficient in helping you shed the weight and achieve your ideal physique in the shortest time possible.   So how does a personal

Welcome back to Part 2. Personal Training Specialisations So you’ve decided to become a personal trainer. If you’re new to the industry and have no particular specialisation, ie. You help people lose weight, bulk up, rehab, improve sport performance and you cater to the young and everyone in between, you’ll have a rough time getting started since the market is so saturated with personal trainers and is highly competitive. Here are some niches or specialisations you can get into in order to more easily establish yourself as a small expert or authority in

Thinking about becoming a personal trainer? Before you take the leap of faith, read through this comprehensive 2-part article covering all aspects of the job. I hope you will find this useful. Do you have what it takes? I won’t lie. The personal training industry is a highly competitive one. What makes you stand out? Here are some of the traits and attributes that make an outstanding personal trainer (list not in sequence of priority): Being a people’s person. Your charisma, the way you build rapport with people and how easily you