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Are Celebrities on Steroids?!

Muscle is in. Skinny jeans? Out. 

Many Hollywood actors are getting bigger, more muscular and yet leaner than ever. And the whole world is loving that look.

How do they achieve those bodies that no normal person seem to be able to achieve? Better still, many of them are like inflatable balloons, skinny for one role and muscular for another, looking totally different only 3 months apart.

This article today is really about setting your expectations right. 

Too many times clients come up to me and say they want a Hollywood A lister’s body. And they are willing to work their ass off to achieve those results. 

Is it possible? Aren’t they humans like us?

Yes and no. They are humans. But they are chemically enhanced humans. I’m not saying all of them. But most are. 

Then the sensitive subject of anabolic steroids come up. 

‘They can’t be on steroids! They’re celebrities!’ 
‘Using steroids is wrong!’

Sometimes I keep quiet. But sometimes I do a bit of educating. 

First and foremost, I do not recommend the use of steroids. However, we’re all adults here. In the end it is your own choice and you just have to take responsibility for your own actions. 
Next comes the truth. It is nearly impossible to get the very muscular, and yet lean body that you want without steroids. The normal human is just not capable of building and maintaining that much muscle mass, regardless of how hard you train and how well you diet and supplement.  

This is the same for bodybuilders, not just Hollywood celebrities. You simply cannot compete in a bodybuilding show (and get a decent placing) without using steroids.

So, it would be much more realistic for many guys out there to either lower their expectations of an ideal physique or be more open minded when it comes to anabolic steroid use. 

 ‘Clean’ training (without use of steroids), usually involves a lot of hard work in the gym plus conscious eating. It can still build you a physique better than 95% of guys out there who either don’t train or train without appreciable results. 

For beginners in the gym or those who have been training for the longest time without obtaining your goals, getting a professional personal trainer to tailor make a training and nutritional program specifically for you would help you achieve maximal results In the shortest time possible. 

Don’t forget, celebrities have personal trainers too!