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Celebrity trainers who hire trainers for themselves

Khit, Founder of RESULTS! Personal Training and Gold’s Gym Singapore, started his career in fitness from his early school days. He graduated with a Sports Science degree and actively participated in body building competitions.   He quickly got the attention of the media because it was obvious that whatever he was learning and applying to his own body, was working.   On top of that, Khit was also helping others get results when he started his first venture, Personal Training in homes with his mobile gym.  

 This was 6 years ago. How things have staled for him! Khit had become bored with his exercise regimes, was not strict with his diet, nor thought very much about his lifestyle. While he was still helping others with his fitness knowledge and exercise techniques, these just didn’t seem to work for him anymore. As a Personal Trainer to himself, Khit was ineffective!  

The breakthrough came when he was offered a complimentary training session by another Personal Trainer, and like all great love stories, there was instant chemistry. Khit understood that it was time for him to walk the talk and hire a Personal Trainer for himself.  

This helped him take the stress off thinking of refreshing exercises challenges, planning his own diet and having to motivate himself, all on top of having to do these for his own clients!   For Khit, the arrangement of simply following a set of instructions from his Personal Trainer was convenient and effective. In a short span of three weeks, Khit could feel the positive effects of exercise on his mood, his confidence and most importantly, he was beginning to feel fit and sexy again.  

If you are bored with your exercise regime, don’t know how to plan your diet or lifestyle and want help to get Back to Basics, talk to Khit.  
Call him at +65 3110 5888 or email him,