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Excuses for Not Exercising

Short answers to long lasting excuses that's stopping you from going to the gym.

1) I Might Have a Hypothyroid Problem

Okay fair enough. This is a very realistic problem and you should visit your doctor to get tests done to rule out this condition. If they turn out to be negative, immediately get clearance from your doctor to begin physical activity because you're going to need to drag your lazy butt off the couch and to the gym. 

2) I Don't Have Time to Exercise

We hear about this all the time. If you are watching television one hour per day you better do some soul searching. That equates to 7 hours per week. All we need you to do is to visit the gym for 1 hour 3 times a week in order to see results.
For busy professionals, we urge you to practise better time management. Set your priorities straight and set aside time for exercise in order to live long enough to enjoy the wealth you have accumulated.

3) I Can Use Fat Loss Supplements & Lose Weight without Exercising or Dieting!

Fat loss supplements can work only in conjunction with a sound diet and training program. Also, if you are going to use such a product anyway, please make sure that they do contain tried and tested useful fat loss ingredients such as caffeine and not some unpronounceable cutting edge weight loss ingredient that scientists have discovered recently which promises to be the new breakthrough in science of the 21st century. Chances are it's bullshit.
In addition, beware of supplements that cause dehydration. Weight loss may be experienced initially but it is most likely due to loss of water from the body and not true fat loss. Dehydration can produce serious side effects.

4) How About Slimming Body Wraps at My Slimming Salon?

Please forget about these unfounded methods for fat loss. They simply don't work and costs a bomb! There are simply no quick-fixes for fat loss. Only a sensible and consistent exercise and diet program can produce permanent results.  

5) ‘BIG is Beautiful!' I Like Being Round & Cuddly..

Okay I'll try to be gentle with you here. The last time I checked the covers of fashion and physique magazines none of the models up there are obese (I'm not saying that the stick thin, anorexic figures are attractive. Please don't be mistaken). What we are looking for here is slim and toned figures. That can only be achieved by having relatively low body fat levels plus a decent amount of muscles at the right places. Even the plus size beauties like Beyonce don't just have body fat at the right places to get that curvy body! She does hard training at the gym to attain that look.
Ask yourself this question honestly – if given a chance, would you like to be slimmer? If the answer is yes, chances are that the excuse is a cover up for your laziness.

6) Fat is in My Genes

So now you're blaming your parents for your poor genetic makeup? Even though it's true that your genetic makeup can determine your body size to a certain extent, a large part of it is still determined by environmental factors and personal habits such as exercise and eating patterns. Get those straightened out with professional help; lose the most amount weight till you reach your genetic maximum (or minimum in this case) and then worry about how to lose more.

7) I Can't Diet, I'll Get Too Hungry

‘No pain, no gain!' This may sound cliché, but it's true, at least initially. Overtime, you get used to the hunger pangs and your gut shrinks in size, thereby reducing the amount of discomfort. Cravings tend to decrease after a while as well, as the taste buds have gotten used to the less sugary and fattening foods that you used to consume.
Another trick is to increase the frequency of feeding but reduce the amount of food eaten per meal. So instead of 3 square meals, include 3 snacks in between the meals and cut down the amount of food eaten during the meals. This can help a lot with keeping hunger at bay.

8) I Can't Exercise, I Have Pre-existing Knee/Back/Shoulder Injuries

This is a common reason that keeps people from exercising. Fitness professionals can help a lot in this aspect by prescribing modified exercises that do not cause further damage. In many cases, personal trainers trained in exercise rehabilitation can even help you to fix your problems by incorporating stretches or rehabilitative exercises that strengthen weak muscles in order to provide better protection for joints.

9) I Actually Don't have a Lot of Body Fat. It's Just Water Retention.

Yeah right..