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Importance of Supplementation

Some people are just resistant to the idea of using supplements, claiming that they are ‘unnatural’ and wants to obtain all nutrients from whole foods instead. Please understand that supplements are not drugs (although they look similar). When used properly, it can aid in many bodily functions and possibly provide better health to the person who takes it. Here is a list of reasons that support the use of nutritional supplements. Hopefully those of you who insist on not taking supplements will think twice and make an informed decision after reading them.
Stress can increase the body’s need for certain nutrients and these can be easily obtained from supplements.
Supplements provide a measurable and predictable amount of nutrients, unlike whole foods
The elderly who eats little or those suffering from poor digestion may need supplementation in order to obtain enough nutrientsLack of sunlight (as in many parts of northern hemisphere) requires intake of higher amounts of vitamin D
Intake of extra amounts of some nutrients in greater amounts than can be supplied from food in the diet have been shown to improve physical performance, fat loss and muscle gain
People with food allergies can also get the nutrients they need with special supplement formulations
Pregnant women  require a reliable supply of all essential nutrients and more nutrients like iron, folic acid, calcium, zinc and vitamin D
Supplements replace nutrients destroyed by poor diet choices, smoking, pollution, drug and alcohol use
Cooking and other processes can destroy nutrients in whole foods and these can be replaced by supplements
Those on strict diets (especially vegetarians) will require supplementation in order to receive adequate nutrients such at Vitamin B complex due to the fact that these nutrients are not found in the foods they consume
Supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients and they are convenient to consume
Protein supplements are convenient to consume and can be added easily in order to reach the daily protein requirements. This is especially important in people who exercise as protein can help to burn fat, build muscle and help you recover from your workouts faster.
The best approach will be to consume as much healthy whole foods as possible and then do a complete evaluation of your nutritional status (also factor in the increased nutrient requirements when you start an exercise program). You can then identify which nutrients you require and supplement as necessary. Alternatively, hiring a fitness personal trainer who has experience in the field of nutritional supplementation can help you with finding the best solution for optimal health.