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Post Pregnancy Training - 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1) How soon can I start training after giving birth?
This really depends on what kind of birth you delivered. Was it a natural delivery, or a C-section/ Ceaserean? Was your delivery a smooth one, or one with complications?

Also, were you exercising before your pregnancy? Having already had an active lifestyle before your delivery helps condition your body. Your muscles would more likely be in a readier state for conditioning again after the stress of delivery, so your waiting time after delivery is likely to be shorter before you can pick up on training again.

However, if you experienced back pain or pelvic pain during pregnancy, then please see a GP before launching into an exercise regime.

If you had a caesarean, you will need more time to recovery. Give yourself at least 6 weeks after giving birth before you start exercising. It is also recommended that you first do your post natal check up before exercising.

Needless to say, the most important thing to ensure is that your body is ready for a workout. This means you must have had enough rest first, and are no longer seeing common post-pregnancy signs.

2) What kind of exercises should I avoid?
Giving birth is a rather traumatic experience for your body, so it is really important that it gets to recover from the trauma before it is subjected to the new experience of exercising after a birth, which can further stress your body.

When starting off, ease into exercising. Start with simplier and easier routines. You should avoid stranous activities like running. Obviously, if you had caesarean, don’t go swimming.

Also, avoid high impact exercises. Your joint can be affected by pregnancy hormones for up to 6 months after you give birth.

3) What areas should I focus on?
During pregnancy, your midsection goes through change that weakens the core. Therefore, when you start training after childbirth, you would want to focus on building strength and stability from your core.

Some exercises you can try on your own:
- Stretching
- Floor Bridges
- Leg lifts
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4) If I breastfeed, can I still be on diet? 
For starters, you shouldn’t be taking supplements while you are still breastfeeding. WE wouldn’t want your baby to be drinking milk with protein supplements!

Also, you probably wouldn’t be able to go on a radical diet as you still need to provide nutrients to your child.

How soon can I regain my pre-pregnancy figure?
Typically, Clients working out with Khit have been able to achieve a weight loss of about 1 pound a week, if they are no longer breast feeding. Naturally, the weight loss rate would be slightly slower if you are still breastfeeding, or not fully recovered from the trauma of childbirth.

We hope this has been useful to you if you are a new Mom! If you are looking for help to get back in shape, talk to Khit.