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Powerful Muscle Building Routine

What’s the most powerful muscle building training workout in the world? 

Actually there’s none. Even the best workout can turn stale if you use it for too long. 
However, a workout that follows the principles that we are going to discuss will yield pretty good results, if you stick to it! 

1)    It must allow for progressive overload, ie you must get stronger doing it. If you use the same weights day in day out for the past 3 years, chances are you haven’t built any new muscles at all.

2)    It should utilize different rep ranges (6-15) in order to achieve both myofibrillar  & sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (increase in size and of muscle fibers as well as increase in fluid storage which leads to size increase) 

3)    It should have enough volume for each bodypart

4)    Last but not least, it should be safe!

Here’s a sample 3 day workout routine we can follow. Get stronger (with good exercise form), eat enough and rest well – you should get bigger in no time.

Day 1:
Chest (usually a Monday. Monday is ALWAYS chest day)
Barbell bench press 4x6
Incline dumbbell press 4x8-10
Decline dumbbell flies 3x12
Pullovers 2x15
Pullups 4x6
Dumbbell rows 4x8-10
Facepulls 3x12
Straight arm pulldown 2x15

Day 2:
Squats 4x6
Single leg deadlifts 4x8-10
Lunges 3x12
Leg presses 2x15
Calf raises 4x10
Ab wheel 4x6
Hanging leg raises 3x8-10
Rope crunch 3x15

Day 3:
Seated dumbbell shoulder press 4x6
Standing barbell shoulder press 3x8-10
Side lateral raises 3x12
Front delt raises 3x12
Rear delt raises 3x12
Dips 4x6
Skullcrushers 3x10-12
Barbell curl 4x6
Preacher curl 3x10-12

Now that you have a program, get off your butt, head to gym, train hard and starting packing on some serious mass!