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Warning! Jogging for Fat Loss may be a Waste of Your Time!

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For over a decade, I have heard countless people saying they have been exercising hard to lose weight but yet, have not experienced any results. So I ask, “what exercises have you been doing?” The number one answer they all give is something along the lines of, “I jog 3 times a week, 30 min each time.”

Sorry, but here's why it's not working well.

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Firstly, do not use time as a sole measure of your jogging routine. If there is only one measure you can use, choose distance instead. For an average 70kg adult, you burn around 60 Calories per km jogged. Whether you've been jogging fast or slow, the amount of Calories you expend does not vary by a whole lot. If you are lighter than 70kg, you will be burning less than 60 Calories, and if you are heavier, a little more.

So, 60 Calories per km, what does that mean? Assuming you are jogging at a decent pace of 10km/hr, 30min will allow you to cover a distance of 5km, which burns you around 300 Calories. Do it 3 times a week, you burn 900 Calories. Skip a session or two, you burn less. Do you know how many Calories is 1kg of fat equivalent to?  Continue to find out >>

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