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Many dream of having that extra side income, for some it is a necessity to live a ‘better’ life in Singapore. With the ever increasing standard of living, lots of people turn their passions into a hustle. So let’s talk about your passion in all things fitness. So this is the likeliest situation - you’re keen on becoming a personal trainer but you’re deterred by the idea of having to quit your full-time job to pursue this full time. However, it is possible to be a personal trainer here in Singapore

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Preparing for your big day can be exciting, but also stressful, as you want to look and feel your best. If you are looking to get in shape for your wedding, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are prepared and feeling confident on your big day.   Start prepping early The earlier you start, the better. Depending on your fitness level and the goals you want to achieve, you should aim to start at least 3-6 months before your wedding day. This

Personal training isn’t cheap. A session starts at a low average of $80 all the way to $200 per hour for some personal trainers! Trying to get the most out of your sessions will therefore be a sensible thing to do. Here are some tips on how you can do just that:   1. Prioritize your personal training sessions and reserve energy for them.  If you enter a session feeling drained and lethargic surely the training effect will be suboptimal. There are many ways to make sure you are fresh when you do

Since the early 2010s, our social-driven culture has groomed us to be more than just employees of a big corporation, working 9-to-5, and keeping happy with a stable job with a single source of income. In this digital day and age of virtual connections, we are enabled to find side hustles, turn our passions into side incomes, and build an empire from a small start up right from our bedroom. Our generation has become hungrier for bigger dreams, and with that, they also strive to live life with discipline and be

State of the art machines with self-serve lemon water on tap - Being an exclusive member to a luxurious gym is often the ambition of many Personal Trainers, the reality however, is that with the ever fluctuating and increasing gym rates, it’s not the most feasible option especially if you’re just starting out. The bright and bold silver lining is that you as a Personal Trainer actually have free access to multiple outdoor exercise equipment peppered all over our cozy country - yes that’s right - we’re referring to the neighborhood

Have you been trying to exercise to burn fat or eat healthy in hopes of speeding up weight loss but seeing little or no results? It can be frustrating to spend so much time and effort on something but get back little returns. I’d recommend that you outsource this exercise to the weight loss professionals - personal trainers. Through proper exercise, diet and lifestyle modifications, personal trainers are most efficient in helping you shed the weight and achieve your ideal physique in the shortest time possible.   So how does a personal

Welcome back to Part 2. Personal Training Specialisations So you’ve decided to become a personal trainer. If you’re new to the industry and have no particular specialisation, ie. You help people lose weight, bulk up, rehab, improve sport performance and you cater to the young and everyone in between, you’ll have a rough time getting started since the market is so saturated with personal trainers and is highly competitive. Here are some niches or specialisations you can get into in order to more easily establish yourself as a small expert or authority in

Thinking about becoming a personal trainer? Before you take the leap of faith, read through this comprehensive 2-part article covering all aspects of the job. I hope you will find this useful. Do you have what it takes? I won’t lie. The personal training industry is a highly competitive one. What makes you stand out? Here are some of the traits and attributes that make an outstanding personal trainer (list not in sequence of priority): Being a people’s person. Your charisma, the way you build rapport with people and how easily you

We usually think of shaping up and getting fit as exercising and dieting. But go beyond that, and you’ll see that for change to be sustainable, you need to build new habits – habits that are healthier and support your change in lifestyle.   Let's explore the unconventional; less often thought of apps that you could use while trying to achieve weight loss, and if you’re already using an app to track your progress, are you using the right type of app?   They say it takes 3 week to form a new habit.

This week, we explore the theme of females a little further, and describe the types of female bodies there generally are.   TYPE 1: The curvy and voluptuous lady Think Beyoncé. This type of body has high muscle mass, moderate body fat. This type of body usually… • Trains a lot and so is able to achieve a decent amount of muscle mass for a toned body. • However, continues to maintain moderate levels of body fat, which explains the curves. • Also, they are blessed with the genetics to help them keep their ass and boobs,

What are breasts made of Breasts contain no muscles of their own to hold them up. Rather, breasts are made of fat, glands, milk ducts, and a type of connective tissue called the "Cooper's ligaments," which are thought to provide some structural support. Causes of breast sag 1) Aging As a woman gets older, these ligaments may get stretched and lose elasticity. Breasts may lose fullness and size as they lose their underlying support system of tissue and fat.   2) Improper support during sports When a woman runs, jogs, or engages in other vigorous exercise, her

It’s that time of the year again when inspiration hits and we’re prompted to evaluate what’s important in life! Health is undoubtedly always one of the top priorities. If it isn’t, it should be! Part of staying healthy is getting your fitness levels in shape. To do this, realistic and achievable goals need to be set, but how do you know what is realistic and achievable?   These 4 ways to gauge will help you understand what measures you should be using to attain your fitness goals.   1) Weight Loss vs. Toning: First decide on

There is never a better time to work out and get fit. Nowadays, gyms are popping up everywhere and it is extremely convenient for people visit a gym. Decided to join a fitness club and start losing some weight? How do the larger, flashier commercial gyms compare with the smaller, more humble private gyms? Find out now!   Cost of Memberships In most cases, membership prices to large commercial gyms or smaller private gyms are similar. However, in some cases, when you sign up for personal training services with a private gym, they offer

With some many articles on how to choose a good personal trainer, how about a short rant on how a good client should and should not behave? Training clients with positive traits as elaborated below definitely makes an enjoyable job even more enjoyable. In my humble opinion, EVERY client who takes up personal training should reads this. Enjoy.   1) Sets Reasonable Expectations It's great to have goals but it is very important to keep them realistic. Nowadays people are just too impatient and it’s common to hear people wanting to lose 50

Muscle is in. Skinny jeans? Out.   Many Hollywood actors are getting bigger, more muscular and yet leaner than ever. And the whole world is loving that look. How do they achieve those bodies that no normal person seem to be able to achieve? Better still, many of them are like inflatable balloons, skinny for one role and muscular for another, looking totally different only 3 months apart. This article today is really about setting your expectations right.   Too many times clients come up to me and say they want a Hollywood A lister’s body.