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I’ve been training with Victor for nearly 9 years now. It is an investment in myself and my health for which I continue to receive many dividends. I feel stronger, healthier and it has helped to maintain my weight (which has always been an off and on issue for me, a natural foodie). But the hidden benefit of training with Victor is his dedication to providing great service and friendship. He keeps the workouts different and fun, as he will introduce new exercises and techniques to keep things fresh. Also, he

I met Victor about 6 years ago when I was still very new to the gym. He approached me and corrected my technique when I was doing shoulder presses and taught me how to do it correctly. He seems like a knowledgeable and likeable guy so I decided to try out 12 personal training sessions with him. As the training sessions get tougher, I find myself starting to see some noticeable results. My goal is to get bigger as I’m underweight and I mange to put on a reasonable amount of

I have been training with Chester for some weeks now and, although my fitness level was really very low after many years of mommyhood, no exercise and poor eating habits, he gave me excellent research-based facts on what, when and how much I should be eating.  The workouts with him are rigorous to say the least but, thanks to his great program, I am starting to see immediate results.  I am now able to do cardio routines I never dreamed were possible for me.  I highly recommend Chester to anyone

I have been training with Chester for 3 months now. The sessions have been good, tough enough that I push myself but still within my capability.  Chester has also taken the time to work on a nutrition plan and revise it once he learnt more about my lifestyle patterns etc. I was travelling for two weeks and he gave me a plan and always followed up to see if there were questions etc. I would highly recommend Chester and his team.

Working out with Chester for 10 weeks now and I have seen a big improvement in my fitness level. Have lost close to 5kgs!  Chester is persistent, dedicated, responsive and flexes his style to meet individual requirements. My HIIT sessions have been intense but not too intense to give-up! I can see big changes in my fitness with gym sessions. He has also changed my approach towards nutrition. He gives clear logical guidelines and challenges to ensure you stay motivated. Thanks Chester.. Always a pleasure working out with you!

I started my training with Victor not only to lose weight, but also to improve my heath. Prior to my training, I always feel sluggish and I tire easily which became a hassle with my line of work where I always need to think, move around and travel. After almost a year of training, I feel a significant change in my health. I feel more energized and stonger. I also started to become leaner. Training with Victor is always a good challenge. We do a lot of exercises like squats, dead

My workouts with Francis started 2 years ago. Originally I wanted to have 2 sessions per week for 3 months to get myself back in shape. The sessions were actually great, with a wide variety of exercises, at exactly the right level for me: hard enough to be challenging and pushing me further while remaining achievable – which increased my motivation! My 3 months became 6 then 1 year and now actually 2 years, and counting… Francis is friendly, smiling, flexible in the schedule, patient, and very encouraging to achieve the full

Training with Francis has been great - he pushes me when I need extra encouragement, but without ever being aggressive, mixes up the workouts to ensure variety and that I’m never bored, and plans accordingly based on my existing fitness regime. He’s also always flexible with his timing, meaning he’s able to work around my schedule. Apart from that, Francis is a great guy to hang out with and regularly entertains me during our brief downtimes from working out. I’d highly recommend him to anyone thinking of getting a personal

Jeremy has been a great personal trainer for over 6months , going on a year. Working with a personal trainer really is a personal relationship and the connection has to be specific for it to work and to be able to progress to results. Initially, I had joined a SG PT forum and after approx. 70 PTs has written to me. Jeremy was the one , head and shoulders above the rest. When we first met, he presented me with a CB and numerous credentials, which I thought was impressive.

Hi Jeremy, just wanted to share some good testimony. I am now engaging in my third package with you and it has been a real pleasure to restart sport literally from scratch. After 10 years without really doing regular sport, you managed to bring me back to exercise in a fast and very safe way. As a result, after 5 months, i have been able to mobilize more energy in my work and i feel my health is getting improved and more sustainable over time. I think the right balance

Jeremy has been coaching me for a year now and he has been great for me to set me on a sustainable path to achieve my fitness goals. He is very diligent and has a good work ethic. He is flexible enough to come up with alternative exercises to enliven my sessions while pushing me adequately to improve. He has put in a lot of effort to upgrade his skills and shares new insights all the time. I must also thank him for managing a couple of my injuries (not

David has been a very inspirational & dedicated personal trainer. He fulfills each training session with enthusiasm and interest in his client's needs. He is very knowledgeable in fitness matters and even shares internet posts to encourage and educate his clients. He has been the best trainer i have had so far and a real  boost to achieving my fitness goals.

My testimonial for an awesome personal trainer. Signing up with Eric (EC) for personal training is probably one of the best things I have done for myself! I used to be a skeptic – wondering if the sessions were going to be useful and if it would be that much different from hitting the gym alone. Trust this couch potato – it is. EC was extremely patient – taking time to discuss my training goals with me and advising me on ways to incorporate good changes into my lifestyle – one step

When I came to Singapore I was lucky enough to find Eric and I LOVE our sessions together!  I have had personal trainers previously - many years ago - and whilst I achieved some of the results I was after I never really looked forward to the sessions. I genuinely look forward to training with EC, and always feel great once we’re done - not just because I’ve had a good workout but because EC is such a positive, passionate and knowledgeable trainer.  He makes our sessions fun. He adapts

I was happy and satisfied to have Eric aka Dinghe as my PT. He was one of the very passionate person I have came across in my life. His dedication of training himself and his client, I could say 101%. None of his training is boring as he is very energetic and optimistic in every single training. I started off with 1-1 training with EC on the 1st 13 sessions with him. I could see great improvement in my workout posture and able to lift even heavier weight and build up

Training with Eric is enjoyable and fun, one thing that's outstanding which I've never experienced from any coach or even teachers in schools before is his passion for his job. His enthusiasm is extraordinary for every session, that it inspires me to train hard and enjoy the work out even when it's tough and tiring. He always patiently answers our demanding questions regarding exercising and deal with our negotiations for less repeats (or lighter weights) without any frustration. Each session is fun, light hearted yet rewarding. I could feel my

After a few training sessions together in Leonard's absence, this morning we had a great boxing session.  Even though he is not training me full time, he has taken the time to engage with me, observed and somehow managed to get me working on resetting my mind frame!  Technically as a physical personal trainer he is exceptional, but also taking the time to understand how your clients mind works / is just as important!  We as clients forget that the mind needs to work in conjunction with the body to

When I started training with EC, I was not too confident about my physical possibilities. But week after week I surprised myself doing things that I would have never dreamt about. I got faster, I lost weight, I was able to handle greatest weights, I was more and more flexible. I started to love physical training!, and that was a real surprise for someone over 50 that had not made much sport in the past. EC has not just been my coach and trainer, he’s been like a part of my