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Intelligent Fitness Goal Setting

It’s that time of the year again when inspiration hits and we’re prompted to evaluate what’s important in life! Health is undoubtedly always one of the top priorities. If it isn’t, it should be!

Part of staying healthy is getting your fitness levels in shape. To do this, realistic and achievable goals need to be set, but how do you know what is realistic and achievable?


These 4 ways to gauge will help you understand what measures you should be using to attain your fitness goals.


1) Weight Loss vs. Toning:

First decide on your fitness objective – Is it to lose weight or to tone up and be a fitter You. These objectives will determine the types, intensity and regularity of exercises to include into your routine.


2) Understand Your Body:

a. Ideal Weight: Understanding how far you are from your ideal weight will help you determine how much weight to lose. Refer to the BMI chart for this weight. This number will determine what you need to invest in terms of time and effort. Do note that the BMI calculations for Asians differ from Caucasians.

b. Speed of Weight Loss: As a general guide, people with a heavier frame tend to lose weight faster. A safe and sustainable speed of weight lose is about 1 pound per week. Using an example, a female of about 70kg will take about 20 weeks of training to lose about 10kg. You can use this information in conjunction with your Ideal weight to know how much weight you want to lose and how much time it might take to achieve your goal.

c. Ideal Body Fat Levels: Not everyone who is trying to achieve a fitness goal is trying to lose weight. If you are looking to tone up your body, first find out what the ideal fat levels for your body measurements should be. Note that males and females have different ideal body fat levels.


Goals setting can be a stressful and confusing process. Once you have a clear fitness goal and know what you want to achieve, write them down and be sure to accompany them with an exercise calendar.

Alternatively, having your own personal trainer can help to alleviate the stress and ensure that you are on the right path towards to healthier and happier you!


If you are ready to act on your fitness goals and want personalized attention from one of our trainers, call Khit at 31105888 or enquire at tzekhit@www.pt.com.sg

Personal Trainer Singapore Khit
About Tze Khit
Tze Khit is a distinguished personal trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports & Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University. Passionate about optimizing human potential, he offers expertise in weight loss, toning, and rehabilitating injuries. His holistic methodology integrates human anatomy, physiology, and bespoke training plans, rooted in initial functional movement screening. Certified by the Singapore Sports Council and holding multiple National Council on Strength & Fitness accreditations, he masterfully employs techniques like myofascial release and neuromuscular activation, ensuring clients achieve their fitness aspirations swiftly and safely.


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