Female Body Types

This week, we explore the theme of females a little further, and describe the types of female bodies there generally are.


TYPE 1: The curvy and voluptuous lady

Think Beyoncé. This type of body has high muscle mass, moderate body fat.

This type of body usually…
• Trains a lot and so is able to achieve a decent amount of muscle mass for a toned body.
• However, continues to maintain moderate levels of body fat, which explains the curves.
• Also, they are blessed with the genetics to help them keep their ass and boobs, despite losing weight. So, again, curves!


Type 2: The lean cross fit types

Think Christmas Abott. This type of body has high muscle mass, low body fat.

This type of body usually…
• Does lots of weight training to gain significant amounts of muscle mass. They’re really into bulking up to build muscles, then “cutting” to shed fat.
• Diet. They are usually really careful about what they eat, to ensure that they consume minimum fat and calories.
• Adopts other smart weight loss strategies to lose large amounts of body fat.


Type 3: The Victoria Secret model

Think Candice Swanepoel. This type of body has moderate muscle mass, moderate fat.

Golds Gym female body types Candice Swanepoel.jpeg

This type of body usually…
• Does a mixture of weight training for a toned body and cardio to maintain body fat levels.


Type 4: The Skinny

Think size zero runway models. This type of body has low muscle mass, low to moderate body fat.

This type of body usually…
• Do lots of cardio
• Avoids weight training for fear of building muscles (“bulking up”)
• It is not uncommon to starve. Or eat tissue to fill up their stomachs. Basically, they are often anorexic.
• Bulimia and anorexia usually come as a pair. People who suffer from anorexia are often bulimic as well, no prizes for guessing why.


Do these body types remind you of yourself or of your aspirations? Wherever type of body you would like to achieve, remember, you can be a slimmer, fitter version of yourself, just don’t be The Skinny!


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