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Loretta Yuen, Legal Counsel, Kallang

I have always thought I was in good shape, but as the years catch up with me and portions of my body started to expand I thought that I should get a trainer and start working on my eating habits. Tze Khit sat with me before our sessions began to discuss my particular and individual goals. With these goals in mind, he set up a personal, tailored program to achieve maximum benefits for my body type. Tze Khit is unique because of his ability to appreciate that not everyone’s body is the same and his appreciation of this allows me to see maximum gains. Tze Khit’s training sessions can be tough, demanding, brutal which is EVERYTHING my body needs! Training with Tze Khit, is not only changing the way my body looked, it is changing the whole way I viewed food and exercise.
I am learning how to get the most out of my time spent working out and how to combine foods for optimum health and energy. He knows and understands the muscles; how they react and respond to weight training. Training with Tze Khit has taught me not just what exercises to do but how to make sure I do them correctly. He not only makes sure that I am on the correct overall workout, but he also knows the small details, such as grip and stance, that can make a big difference.
As a result, I am feeling better both psychologically and physically. At 30, I’m happier and healthier than I ever was in my 20’s! More importantly, Tze Khit takes the guesswork out of working out and provides motivation. Tze Khit sees each person’s individuality and tailors the workouts accordingly. Tze Khit is, not only a talented and knowledgeable trainer, he is fun, energetic and surprisingly humorous. These qualities make it close to impossible to fail meeting your goals!”
Personal Trainer Singapore Khit
About Tze Khit
Tze Khit is a distinguished personal trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports & Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University. Passionate about optimizing human potential, he offers expertise in weight loss, toning, and rehabilitating injuries. His holistic methodology integrates human anatomy, physiology, and bespoke training plans, rooted in initial functional movement screening. Certified by the Singapore Sports Council and holding multiple National Council on Strength & Fitness accreditations, he masterfully employs techniques like myofascial release and neuromuscular activation, ensuring clients achieve their fitness aspirations swiftly and safely.


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