A friendly, patient and dedicated trainer, Carl specializes in helping both females and males lose weight and get lean, and athletes excel at their sport while staying injury free. People from different backgrounds, ranging from housewives to busy professionals, to teenagers and students, to school and national athletes, have lost weight, become leaner, put on muscle and strength, and generally become fitter and healthier from his coaching.

Health and fitness has been a part of Carl’s life since he was a kid. From winning a silver medal in shot put during primary school, to being selected for a professional football club’s youth team to winning the gold medal in a weightlifting competition, his passion has always been in improving one’s fitness and performance through optimal training and nutrition.

Despite his accomplishments, Carl was once overweight and slow during his younger days. It took him years of trial and error and because of his own struggles, he is committed to helping those who are committed to changing their bodies and lives around.

Carl’s Credentials:

•    King Sports International Level 4 Coach
•    International Association Of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Level 1 Youth Coach
•    Certified EIMS Clinical Fitness Professional – Changi Sports Medicine Centre
•    Certified IYCA High School Strength Coach – International Youth Conditioning Association
•    Certified Weightlifting Coach – Singapore Weightlifting Federation
•    Singapore Weightlifting Championships 2010 – Over 77KG Category Champion

Carl believes that everyone is unique and deserves an individualized training and nutrition program that fits their goals and needs. He provides you top personal training skills in program design based on concepts and innovations that have been tested on Olympic and elite athletes. With his knowledge and experience in performance training and injury prevention, Carl utilizes an integrated and holistic approach to health and fitness, giving you advice and guidance in the important aspects of training, nutrition and lifestyle so that you can achieve the best possible results.

No matter what your fitness goal is, you will experience improvements in your body, exercise performance and health like never before.