EC(Eric Chia) has always been actively participating in different kind of sports like basketball, track & field, soccer, badminton etc. During his school days, he was champion for 3 consecutive years for the track-and-field 1500 meters race category. Also, during his army days, he was awarded the best physical training in The Singapore Armed Forces -9 DIV, 6 SIR Bravo company. 

He also participated in multiple spartan Obstacles races both competitive elite race and open category(Sprint/Super/Beast).  Helping many friends and clients to complete the race as a team.

EC is an industrious learner who puts in the tremendous amount of hard work to fulfil his dream as a Fitness Professional. His passion for fitness rooted in his early teens. To remain fit, healthy and youthful-looking, he strongly believes that the only way to achieve this was to exercise regularly and have a balance diet.  

Apart from visiting the gym at least 3 times per week to ensure that he is in his best shape, he would occupy his pockets of free time with simple strength workouts. In order to help his clients, obtain their desired results, he can tap on his expertise and go the extra mile by providing advice on their daily meals and plan their day-to-day exercises. 

Eric specializes in helping his clients lose fat, tone up and build lean muscle mass in the shortest time possible. 


- THUMP Boxing - ADVANCE Level 
- MET (Movement Efficiency Training) Trainer 
- CrossCore Certified Trainer 
- SINGAPORE SPORTS COUNCIL - Basic Exercise Course 
- Occupational First Aider


Eric is a great coach. I have been training with him for which is now my 3rd year. He is a great trainer but he is also a great friend!
He is kind, helpful, forgiving, friendly, and inspirational. I have great memories with him and he teached me the sport of boxing.


- Jens Kuipers

My personal trainer Eric is dedicated and helpful. I would recommend Eric if you are looking for a home based personal trainer. Be prepared to pay because his services aren’t cheap as compared to paying for a gym membership.


- Dionysius Yan

Coach EC is fantastic! I love the way he tailors all exercises to my individual needs and challenges me every session to do more. I have achieved great results so far!


- Cath Forte

I started training with Eric this summer, mostly boxing. I loved my sessions. He was always mixing up the cardio so I never got bored. He’s so motivating and very funny too so all in all a good fun training session.


- Harsha Varkey

I fully recommend Eric as a PT. He is very knowledgeable (training, diet, wellness), great motivator, tailors workouts well (injuries or environments) and is very pleasant/ easy going to deal with. He has helped me set and achieve fitness goals and always find time to answer questions and explain things well. He also does boxing which is a great bonus!


- Thimathi De Abrew

Super friendly & dedicated personal trainer!! Always emphazing on health & well being. Learned alot from him especially the importance of breathing techniques on exercising to ensure overall health n mental. Thumbs up!!


- Wenaline Toh

Eric is fantastic trainer. He took the time to understand my fitness goals and designed sessions to match my needs. He updates the workouts to match the progress. Strongly recommend EC for anyone who is looking for a great trainer who can help you focus and persevere while always keeping the sessions fun and fresh.



- Ravikant Avva- Global Executive | Keynote Speaker &
Kaumudi Goda- Human Capital Strategy | Law | Coaching & Mentoring

When I started training with EC, I was not too confident about my physical possibilities. But week after week I surprised myself doing things that I would have never dreamt about. I got faster, I lost weight, I was able to handle greatest weights, I was more and more flexible. I started to love physical training!, and that was a real surprise for someone over 50 that had not made much sport in the past.
EC has not just been my coach and trainer, he’s been like a part of my conscience pushing me harder, showing me the way to handle my physical fears, and, most important of all, with a wide smile and gentle touch. Thanks EC.

- Pino, stay home mum

After a few training sessions together in Leonard's absence, this morning we had a great boxing session.  Even though he is not training me full time, he has taken the time to engage with me, observed and somehow managed to get me working on resetting my mind frame!  Technically as a physical personal trainer he is exceptional, but also taking the time to understand how your clients mind works / is just as important!  We as clients forget that the mind needs to work in conjunction with the body to achieve our goals and when your trainer can read and identify what makes you tick - I know for me this is a game changer!  I think Eric underestimates his mentoring ability! 


- Helena Theochari, stay home mum

Eric has been my trainer for past few months. He is energetic and and always has a smile on his face .
EC urges his clients to push beyond their comfort zone - something that has not only benefited me but also shown results.
I wish him the best for all his future endeavors


- Malancha C Ray, Founder of VOICEKRAFT Asia

Training with Eric is enjoyable and fun, one thing that's outstanding which I've never experienced from any coach or even teachers in schools before is his passion for his job. His enthusiasm is extraordinary for every session, that it inspires me to train hard and enjoy the work out even when it's tough and tiring. He always patiently answers our demanding questions regarding exercising and deal with our negotiations for less repeats (or lighter weights) without any frustration. Each session is fun, light hearted yet rewarding. I could feel my strength improves. It is especially evident as I started struggling doing 10 push ups but could now repeat 15 with correct posture. And this is just one evidence. It is definitely worth the time and effort to train with EC, with his encouragement and passion, the usually painful work out becomes such an enjoyable experience!



- Carol, stay home mum &
Christina, high School Student

The time that Eric has been teaching me, I have seen huge growth in my physical abilities. Not only does he know how to achieve muscle growth, but he also knows how to grow the right way so as to not injure you. it has been a pleasure training with EC. He's a great coach, and a good guy.


- James Park, high school student

I was happy and satisfied to have Eric aka Dinghe as my PT. He was one of the very passionate person I have came across in my life. His dedication of training himself and his client, I could say 101%. None of his training is boring as he is very energetic and optimistic in every single training.
I started off with 1-1 training with EC on the 1st 13 sessions with him. I could see great improvement in my workout posture and able to lift even heavier weight and build up all the muscle in my body. Even my friends and colleagues can see the different. After the 13 sessions, I persuaded my girlfriend to join me for the buddy training. Indeed less than half of the sessions, she could see the different in her body posture as well as her salsa dance.
Do engage him for the trial session, you will understand what I meant by “Passion”.
“PASSION is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much Heart, Mind, Body and Soul into something as is humanly possible.”


- Johnson Ang Hao Jie- Site Material Lead @ Shell

When I came to Singapore I was lucky enough to find Eric and I LOVE our sessions together!  I have had personal trainers previously - many years ago - and whilst I achieved some of the results I was after I never really looked forward to the sessions. I genuinely look forward to training with EC, and always feel great once we’re done - not just because I’ve had a good workout but because EC is such a positive, passionate and knowledgeable trainer.  He makes our sessions fun. He adapts them as I progress and he introduces new ways to train so that the sessions never feel boring or repetitive. He is a fantastic trainer - if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to get fit, loose weight and feel great I would highly recommended EC.


- Catriona Muspratt-Williams, Professional Coach | Leadership & Performance Strategist | Work Culture Creator

My testimonial for an awesome personal trainer.
Signing up with Eric (EC) for personal training is probably one of the best things I have done for myself! I used to be a skeptic – wondering if the sessions were going to be useful and if it would be that much different from hitting the gym alone. Trust this couch potato – it is.
EC was extremely patient – taking time to discuss my training goals with me and advising me on ways to incorporate good changes into my lifestyle – one step at a time. He was encouraging and yet still tough, ensuring that I didn’t cut corners and made every workout session count. It felt good coming back each week feeling a little stronger and enjoying the workout a bit more. EC also took time to understand my body condition (i.e. old injuries) and designed my work-out accordingly. This gave me the confidence that I was in capable hands and that he would be looking out for my safety whilst pushing me to be at my personal best. Finally, his passion and dedication as a personal trainer is amazing. I have simply not seen anyone with that much energy!
EC – Thank you for showing me that working out can be enjoyable and safe. Thank you for going the extra mile to help me make positive changes to my lifestyle. I am looking forward to returning to Singapore and signing up with you again.


- Caroline Ng, working professional