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Personal Training FAQ
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Personal Training
Q: Why weight train?
I could write a whole article on this. But basically, weight-training makes you stronger, helps you lose fat more effectively and also gives you better health. 
Read our article "Why is Weight Training the Key to Fat Loss " for more info.
Q: Why hire a fitness personal trainer? Why not just learn online or through books?
Well sure its best to learn all you can. But wrong information is all over the net, and trust me, it ain't easy telling the right from the wrong. Every body is different. What worked for others on the net might not work for you. Weight training is a highly scientific sport. Training methology, nutrition, lifestyle habits all come together to determine your success in whatever goals you set out to achieve through weight training. Using the trial-and-error method might allow you to determine exactly how your body responds and how to tweak your program in maybe 2 years. Having an experienced personal trainer shortens that period by using critical analysis on your program and pinpoints the changes needed for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, with our highly competitive rates, personal training services are not only for the wealthy anymore.
In all, having a personal trainer will:
reduce risk of injuries through proper execution of exercises and correct techniques
provide you with a customized weight training program to suit your needs
let you reach your fitness goals faster
allow you to stay motivated (especially when you've handed your money over ;)
Q: How many times do I have to weight train per week?
To achieve your fitness goals quickly, we strongly advise you to weight train around 3 times per week, with 4 times per week being the optimal frequency for getting fast results.
Q: How fast can I see results?
Results can be seen in as little as ONE month, provided you work hard and follow your trainer's advice.
Q: What if I'm not satisfied with my current personal trainer?
If you run into disputes with your personal trainer further down the road, try to talk it out with him/her first to see if you can settle whatever differences between the two of you. If unfortunately you do decide to get rid of him/her, please come back to us and we will look for another suitable personal trainer (with same rate or higher) for you. In addition, a free personal training session will be given free for all the trouble.
Credit Back Guarantee.
If you are unsatisfied with your personal trainer before completing your 1st package of personal training, come back to us and we will get you another personal trainer. Your remaining sessions with the personal trainer shall be transferred to your new personal trainer, with one complimentary personal training session free!
Q: Are nutritional supplements necessary?
In our opinion, diet is the no.1 most important factor and as the name suggests, a supplement only supplements your diet. Normally beginners can do without supplements but having them will certainly give you an extra edge.
Q: So what supplements do you recommend?
For mass gains, whey protein powder and creatine. For fat loss, whey protein and maybe a thermogenic formula. Multivitamins and fish oil can be taken for general health.
Q: Why do you not offer free trials?
Fitness personal trainers are professionals and the last time i checked, professionals charge for their services. Hey you don't go into the doctor's office for the first time and demand for a free trial do you? Well the same thing applies to us.
We do, however, offer a Paid Trial.
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