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Self-Image Manipulation for Fat Loss Success!

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I am going to show you a proven method that unlocks your fat burning potential, and puts you on track towards success.

Have you been struggling to lose weight? Spending tons of energy and time exercising, but not seeing any results? Or have you attained some success in your quest for weight loss, but only to gain them all back after some time? Experiencing the Rebound-effect or the Yo-yo effect?


Why do some people manage to keep the fats off while others pile it back on?

Well, to answer this question, I am going to explain an idea that everyone should learn before embarking on a weight loss program. EVERYONE.

The answer is strange, but it works!


Over the years being in the profession of helping people lose weight, it is apparent that the single biggest difference between people who succeed and those who fail is all in their mind. When a person who is over-weight goes on a weight loss program without altering their Self-Image, any weight loss will be temporary. To achieve permanent results, you need to first understand how your Self-Image works.

Suppose you are driving in a foreign land where you have absolutely no sense of directions except relying on the GPS navigation system you have in your car or on your Google map. In the system, you set your starting location and your destination, and the system automatically guides you towards where you want to get to. Along the way, if and when you steer off course, the navigation system instantly measures the deviation from the set goal and immediately re-routes you to correct the course.


Now, your subconscious mind is very much like the navigation system described, and your Self-Image acts like the destination you set in the navigation system! Once you have the Self-Image set, the subconscious mind will constantly direct your thoughts and emotions to get you to make decisions which will get you to be in congruence with your Self-Image. In other words, to constantly re-route you to become a physical manifestation of that Self-Image.

So what does this mean for someone who is trying to lose weight?

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Trying to lose weight without changing your Self-Image is like using the navigation system and setting the destination as your starting location. You may be able to make some progress towards where you really want to go, but the subconscious mind will always be able to steer you back on course and bring you right back to where you began! It is now acting more like an anchor that you cannot cut yourself loose from. All of the weight that was lost is found because you are automatically programmed to find the weight back. If you want to change the weight, you need to change your paradigm.


To change the results in your life without changing what is going on inside is almost as silly as trying to change your reflections in the mirror without changing your physical appearance. To change the results in your life, you NEED to change what is going on inside!


To help you win the battle in your quest to weight lost, I am going to show you how you can alter your inner image immediately and start building an image of your ideal physique. Once you get that navigation system properly set, you are set right on track, and everything gets a lot easier.


In the previous chapter, you have got a glimpse of the power of your subconscious mind and how important your Self-Image is to your quest to attain your ideal physique. You have also understood the parallels between a GPS navigation system and your subconscious mind. So how do you use it to your advantage?


If you want to get to another destination, you will need to know where you want to get to. To attain your ideal physique, you need to reset your self-image, and get it locked firmly onto your intended body. The technique that I am going to describe next is one of the most powerful tool you can add to your fitness program. This technique works for both male and female, whether you are very obsessed or if you are only slightly over-weight. I am going to challenge you to try this out for just 7 days. Just 7 days. And notice the difference in the way you carry yourself and the way you live your life.


Step 1: Understand your goal in details, and have it fixated in your mind

The first step is to have a very clear mental image of the exact physique that you are looking to attain. Vividly visualize your ideal physique – slender thighs, tight waist, firm butts, solid abs, sexy beach body, firm arms, or anything that you desire. You may want to take some time to do a search on Google, Instagram or other sources. Be honest with yourself. It has to be an image that you look forward to achieving, a physique that you would want to live inside of. Study this image carefully. Print it out, or have it on your screen. Whether it is a mental image or a physical image, study it carefully, from the arms to the waist, from the butts to the thighs to the legs. The more precision you have the better this will work.


Step 2: Relax your entire body, and get into a comfortable position

The second step is to find yourself a comfortable position, with no distractions. That means no music, no TV, etc. Whether you are seating or lying down, make sure you are completely relaxed. Do a scan from your toes, to your feet, to your calves, to your thighs, to your butts, to your stomach, to your chest, to your back, to your shoulders, to your arms, to your neck, to your cheeks, and to your entire head. Make sure that every single part of your body is completely relaxed. Take at least 3 minutes to go through your entire body to ensure that every part is completely relaxed. This is a very important step to prepare yourself to get the maximum benefit out of this exercise. Every single part of your body has to be completely relaxed.


Step 3: Visualise yourself in your new image, and enjoy it

Now, with a calm and relaxed state, imagine yourself in possession of the ideal physique you desire. Go on to fantasize living in that physique. That slender thighs, tight waist, firm butts, solid abs, sexy beach body, firm arms, or anything that you desire. That picture you had in your mind, picture yourself living in that same body. Let the image intensify, and let yourself sink wholly and deeply into the fantasy.

See how your health is going to drastically improve. How your self confidence will be through the roof. The improved appearance you have, looking and feeling sexier and more attractive than ever. How you will get praises from friends and people you just met. The enhanced enjoyment you will have for your life. How you will win affections from the guy or girl of your dreams. How amazing your body looks and feels. And most importantly, how you will be able to say to yourself, “I have conquered my body and my mind!”.

Close your eyes and take a few minutes to do this. Visualize in as much details as you can, seeing yourself living in the ideal physique, going through your daily life, paying attention to how you feel as you encounter different scenarios or meet with the people in your life. Take as much time as you need, and enjoy the entire process of seeing your dreams come true. When you are completely satisfied, slowly open your eyes and stay in your position for a few moments until you are ready to continue.



Congratulations! You have just set your navigation system to move towards your new Self-Image, the one which possesses your ideal physique. You may repeat this exercise as often as you wish, especially first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep. But always remember to maintain yourself in a calm and relaxed mode while doing this exercise. It is vital to the efficacy of this exercise. Calm, and relaxed. Get the image as strong as you possibly can, and hold it in firmly your mind for the next 7 days. Save the image onto your phone, onto your wallpaper, and look at it often. Each time, seeing yourself in possession of the physique that you so desire.

Try it for 7 days, and you will see an increase in the resolve you have for your goals. If you feel like exercising, go ahead and exercise. If you feel like cutting back on your food intake, go ahead and do so. Let your heart guide you on what to do and what to eat. You will be stronger in willpower, and will be making decisions that can surprise you.


Side Note:
Food temptations will arise from time to time and there will be times where you will feel urges to perform make food decisions that is in misalignment to your newly formed Self-Image. Pay special attention when such moments arises, and make a note of all the temptations that you encounter over the next 7 days. These notes will be very helpful in formulating a strategy to combat these temptations.

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About Tze Khit
Tze Khit is a distinguished personal trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports & Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University. Passionate about optimizing human potential, he offers expertise in weight loss, toning, and rehabilitating injuries. His holistic methodology integrates human anatomy, physiology, and bespoke training plans, rooted in initial functional movement screening. Certified by the Singapore Sports Council and holding multiple National Council on Strength & Fitness accreditations, he masterfully employs techniques like myofascial release and neuromuscular activation, ensuring clients achieve their fitness aspirations swiftly and safely.


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