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Why Hire A

Hiring a personal trainer can drastically change your lifestyle and alter your wellbeing for the better. However with the amount of effort and dedication you need to give, not to mention the money spent, how do you know if it is the right choice for you? To help you make the best choice, we have put together a little guide with detailed information to let you understand the benefits of hiring a personal trainer.
Health & Wellness
In this day and age where everything is so mobile we tend to get lazy, for example, driving to work, ordering food delivery, sitting in front of the computer or television all day. But why not change your lifestyle? All this “laziness” actually takes a toll on your health, even if you may not know it. Increased fitness and exercise leads to better health and wellbeing, it can boost your confidence, help you release stress and open up new opportunities in your life.
So why should I start exercising?
Exercising brings about numerous benefits, almost too many to count! With that in mind, you should always be cautious when exercising even more so when you have not exercised in a long time. To prevent the possibilities of injury, make sure you warm up your body before any form of physical activity. For example, walking or a slow jog for 10 minutes.
Eating right
Many people focus only on exercise and forget the way they eat, they tend to treat themselves to a good meal after exercise. However proper nutrition is just as important, it can help you train better and reach your goals faster. Taking in the right amount of calories per day and drinking enough fluids are just some of the many important things to note.
Strength training
Once you develop a good base of aerobic fitness, you can start to venture into different areas of fitness such as strength training. Strength training can improve your physique greatly, improving your posture, eliminate lower back problems and give you that extra boost of confidence.

It’s All About the Lifestyle

How you mange your current lifestyle is very important. It could mean the difference between ensuring you fit in the minimum amount of exercise needed or not having the time for anything but work and sleep. To be able to achieve your goals fast, you need to be able to manage your time and set aside some for your training. Always ask yourself these few questions before starting an exercise programme or regime as it will help you save time and money.
  • Question 1 : What are your goals? (Lose weight, Gain muscles) Do you have any previous injuries?
  • Question 2 : When do you normally train? Can you train at the same time each week? Will you be able to train week after week?
  • Question 3 : Where do you normally train? (At home, local gym, etc.)
  • Question 4 : Do you want nutritional advice? Is your overall wellbeing important to you?
  • Question 5 : What is your level of motivation like? Do you need someone there to always push you?

Motivation is Key

A common problem everyone faces, staying motivated. It’s to easy to get motivated to do something: quit smoking, do the house chores, start on that assignment, however it’s easy to lose that motivation as well. Same thing with training, you need motivation to continue working towards your goals and that’s where your personal trainer comes in. Motivation is your driving force; the thing that gets you where you want to be and occasionally, everyone needs a little push along the way.
Here are some pointers on why a personal trainer can help keep you motivated:

  • Point 1 : They’ve got your money.
  • Point 2 : Your personal trainer will give up their valuable time once an appointment is set so don’t keep them waiting. You wouldn’t like it if someone stood you up either.
  • Point 3 : They will develop a workout regime that suits you best, helping achieve your goals in the fastest time possible.
  • Point 4 : You will have your personal trainer’s undivided attention. They want what is best for you and see it that you achieve your goals, encouraging you when needed and pushing you a little further.
  • Point 5 : Having another friend doesn’t hurt so hopefully you will like your personal trainer. Having a good relationship with your trainer is important and it makes you look forward for your training session rather that hating it.
  • Point 6 : They are experts in what they do and highly experienced, they have worked with hundred of clients and know how to motivate different types of people
  • Point 7 : They have passion and are highly motivated themselves. We only hire personal trainers who love what they do and are passionate about health, fitness, and helping others


Proper Nutrition

Engage a personal trainer not only for exercise but also for nutritional advice. Eating well and exercising well go hand-in-hand and consuming the right nutrients will give you the energy needed to complete your workout regime.

Just ask any exercise enthusiast or athlete and they will tell you how important a proper diet plays in their training and lifestyle. From the amount of food needed throughout the day to specific food taken before and after exercise, what you consume is all based on your training intensity, frequency and lifestyle. So who better to advise you on this than your personal trainer who is an expert in nutrition and diet?


Why 1 to 1 training is needed

Different individuals engage in personal trainers for different reasons. Some simply can’t workout on their own because they know that they will quit half way, some may need a specific training plan to get ready for a competition while others may have injuries and need to train under the supervision of a qualified individual. All of these can be achieved when a trainer comes into the picture.

Personal training  isn’t called personal training for nothing, personal training is all about having your fitness trainer to yourself giving you all the attention, guidance, motivation and advice that you need.

While you are with your personal trainer, don’t be afraid to ask questions, a trainer is there to help you and not keep you in fear. You pay for their services and its only right that they assist you in anyway possible.
Finding a Qualified Personal Trainer
You’re almost ready to get started but all you need now is to choose a certified personal trainer. When choosing the right trainer there are a few key things to look out for.

Things to look out for:
  • Look for qualifications
    Typically its better to look for a trainer with more or higher levels of qualifications, however, it doesn’t mean that a trainer with higher levels of qualifications is better and the right one for you. Your best bet is to review each trainer’s qualification in the area of training and see what you are interested in. Do make sure to ask to see their certifications and do some research to see if they are credible or not.
  • How much experience they have
    Qualifications are just one thing to consider when getting a personal trainer. How much experience the trainer has in their field, how many years the trainer has spent training or how many clients a trainer has had are just as important. Also look out for testimonials by the trainer’s clients to check on the effectiveness of the trainer.
  • Fitness evaluation programme
    Your personal trainer should perform a fitness evaluation for you on the very first session, this is to determine your current fitness level so that he/ she will be able to design a workout plan suitable for you. A fitness evaluation programme should include: a body composition test, flexibility test, aerobic fitness and strength test and lastly a lifestyle assessment.
  • Look for personality and trust your gut feeling
    With everything mentioned above, choosing a personal trainer that compliments you is the most important thing to consider. There is no point choosing the most qualified personal trainer only for you to not ‘click’. The best way is to hear from others or get a recommendation from someone you trust, this will not only save you time but money, heartache and anxiety. Lastly, if there is just something you do not feel comfortable with you can walk away because ultimately it is still your choice.


What is the Benefit of Getting a Personal Training Program?
Just think for a moment and ask yourself why you started reading this, maybe you have a fitness goal in mind, improving your fitness level, losing some weight, enhance your overall wellbeing or rehabilitation after an injury or illness.
Whatever your goal is, a personal trainer will help you achieve it in the shortest time possible and best of all guarantee you results .
Other benefits of a trainer include:
  • Assessing your current fitness level
  • Reviewing your goals
  • Creating a training programme tailored just for you to achieve your goal
A good personal trainer will encourage and spur you on to your goals and a good training plan can bring fun into workouts and make it challenging at the same time.

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