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We know how it feels to have flabby arms and a flabby belly.
Your confidence drops every time you look in the mirror & you find yourself wearing loose clothes to ‘hide’ your body.

Maybe you have...

  • Been frustrated with that flab that doesn't come off your tummy no matter what you try
  • Tried a few weight loss methods but have seen little or no results
  • Lost some weight but were unable to sustain the weight loss
  • Zero motivation when it comes to exercising or working out


Rest assured that you're not alone. 
Plenty of women experience the exact same things you do. 
But the good news is it doesn't have to be this way.
With Results Personal Training, you'll never have to experience any of the above again and you'll finally drop the pounds once and for all.
With 7 years of experience helping both expatriate and local clients just like you, we want to help you regain your best body with our  Women's Rapid Weight Loss Program , specially customized for your unique circumstance.


Our Highly Customized 
Approach to Slimming:
  • In depth analysis of your current fitness level, exercise history, medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits in order to craft out a suitable program for you
  • Firm up your muscles by doing results producing weight training routines
  • Burn fats quickly by following our targeted cardiovascular exercise regime
  • Sustainable diet plan that is safe and effective for achieving maximal fat loss in minimal time
  • Modifications to your lifestyle to incorporate components of healthy eating and exercise
  • Progress monitoring and regular tweaks to your program to avoid hitting plateaus
  • Get motivated and pushed to your limit by our dedicated personal trainers

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Our 3-Month Weight Loss
Program Helps You
  • Target stubborn areas like hips, thighs, tummy and arms
  • Achieve safe but highly effective weight loss
  • Lose the weight and keep it off, preventing "rebounds"
  • Get the sexy curves you always desire
  • Build a ton of self esteem and confidence

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Success Stories



10 Session Package
In our 10 session "starters" package, you will see changes to your body in as little as 2 weeks. However, results will not be as significant due to the limited number of sessions. 
Program Includes
Body Assessment & Goal Setting -
10 Personal Training Sessions  $1200
(Usual Price)

FREE Nutritional Consultation by Personal Trainer   $60
Usual Price Total:  $1260
Promotional Price: 1 On 1 $900 ($90/session)
Promotional Price: Group of 2 $1100 ($110/session)
  36 Session Package ( Installment Plans Available!) 
If you want maximum results in minimum time, this is the best option for you. With an extra consultation from a physiotherapist, our signature 36 session program, "turbo charges" your progress. Experience a total body transformation and superior confidence in a few weeks.
Program Includes
Body Assessment & Goal Setting -
36 Personal Training Sessions  $3600 (Usual Price)
 FREE Nutritional Consultation by Personal Trainer $60
Session of Physiotherapy Treatment OR
Sports Massage by Physioclinic
Usual Price Total: $3788
Promotional Price: 1 On 1
$2880 ($80/session)
Promotional Price: Group of 2   $3600  ($100/session) 


Interested? Here's a Low-Risk Way to Try Us Out.

personal training guarantee.jpg 3 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
Should you decide to commit further and take up our full personal training programs, you are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not see any results within the first 2 months of working with us, we will refund you the remaining sessions.

This is a measure of how confident we are in what we do.

After all, our result speak for themselves.


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