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Should I save on getting a Personal Trainer and do it myself?

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Ah… the question everyone asks especially at the beginning of the year when setting their ‘New Year New Me’ resolution. Well, training with a personal trainer and training on your own are two completely different approaches to achieving your fitness goals. While one provides accountability, motivation, and personalized guidance, the other offers freedom, flexibility, and self-direction – what is it you’re looking for? Let’s deep dive into the key differences between both.


Training with a Personal Trainer in Singapore

Personal training is a one-on-one session with a qualified fitness professional who designs and guides you through a customized exercise program tailored to your fitness goals, fitness level, and body type. Personal trainers in Singapore are typically certified through organizations like the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), and have completed a certain level of education and training. To be certified, they also have to go through a theory exam.


One of the primary benefits of training with a personal trainer is that there is accountability. When you have an appointment with a personal trainer, you are less likely to skip a workout or cut corners because you know that someone is counting on you to show up and give it your all. Your personal trainer will also hold you accountable for your diet and nutrition, helping you make healthier choices and avoid the temptation of junk food and unhealthy snacks. 


Another benefit of training with a personal trainer is personalized guidance. He, she or they will assess your fitness level, strength, and flexibility, and create a workout plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals such as shaping your body to fit your dream wedding gown, or simply to keep in shape after having kids. They will also adjust your program as you progress through the sessions, keeping you challenged and on a path of constant improvement.


Training with a PT can also be motivating. They can help you set achievable goals and celebrate your progress, no matter how small! They can also provide positive reinforcement and encouragement, helping you stay focused and committed to your fitness plan.


One potential drawback of training with a personal trainer is the cost. Here in Singapore, personal training can be expensive, with rates ranging from $70 to $200 per session, depending on the trainer’s experience, qualifications, and location. However, many personal trainers offer package deals or group sessions that can lower the overall cost. With Results Personal Training, our session ranges from $90 – $100 per session, and it’s also private and exclusive to you – which means we’ll travel down to your convenience and train there at where you are.


Training on Your Own

Now let’s swing the other direction and talk about training on your own. Training on your own, or “self-directed exercise,” refers to exercising without the guidance of a PT or coach. This approach is often more flexible and convenient than personal training because you can work out whenever and wherever you want. You also have the freedom to choose your own exercises, sets, and reps, and can adjust your workout based on how you feel that day.


One of the primary benefits of training on your own is flexibility. You can work out at any time of day, in any location, and with any equipment you have available. This makes it easier to fit exercise into your busy day and can help you stay consistent with your workouts.

Training on your own can also be empowering if you love being self motivated. When you are responsible for your own exercise program, you have the opportunity to take control of your health and fitness journey. You can also set your own goals, track your progress, and make adjustments based on what you prefer.


A huge benefit of training on your own is that it’s completely free (especially if your condo comes with a gym). Now that said, one huge drawback of this type of training is the lack of accountability. Without someone to hold you accountable, it can be easy to skip workouts, cut corners, or say “I’ll train tomorrow instead”. You may also lack the motivation and guidance you need to push yourself to the next level which can stagnate your progress.


So in summary, it’s great to train on your own if you’re highly disciplined and can sustain that level of commitment to yourself for the long run. There are Singaporeans who are mentally stronger than most and can self motivate more easily than others. However, if you belong to the usual suspects where you’re often dragging your body out of bed for a session at the gym, then personal training will be best for you. A personal trainer will keep your workouts regular, and you’ll also be sure that your postures are correct. That’s a huge benefit of having someone watch out for you to ensure you’re doing it efficiently.


Always wanted to try personal training but haven’t gotten the chance to? Join us for a trial and you might find it surprisingly good for you in more ways than one.

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About Tze Khit
Tze Khit is a distinguished personal trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports & Exercise Science from Edith Cowan University. Passionate about optimizing human potential, he offers expertise in weight loss, toning, and rehabilitating injuries. His holistic methodology integrates human anatomy, physiology, and bespoke training plans, rooted in initial functional movement screening. Certified by the Singapore Sports Council and holding multiple National Council on Strength & Fitness accreditations, he masterfully employs techniques like myofascial release and neuromuscular activation, ensuring clients achieve their fitness aspirations swiftly and safely.


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