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Barry Boyle, Private Banking HR Manager

I have now been training with Donald for about 1 year. In that year I have dropped weight, gained muscle, nutritious advice, continued encouragement and a good friend.

Donald makes time. He fits you in and caters to your needs.

I have never been someone that enjoyed weight training. I found it utterly boring and embarrassing but for the first time someone actually took the time to explain why weight and cardio and needed. Whilst I’m not saying I’ll be the next weight lifting champion what I can say is that through his expertise and patience and perseverance and explanation it has become part of my training regime.

We still make time every session for my first love: boxing.

In all honesty I can not recommend Donald enough. Not only his professionalism and expertise but the fact he cares about his clients. He has a thousand million gadgets and equipment at his disposal to cater for all types of exercise. Resistance, strength, endurance and cardio. You name it he has the gear!

A true gentleman and personal trainer!


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