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Christina, 23, Bukit Batok

The first lesson with Jay, I shared with him my reason for engaging a Personal Trainer, which is to better fit into a dress which I’d bought for a wedding dinner just 2 months away. I told him I needed to lose 1 inch off my waist. I asked him what was his success rate, and he told me, “200%”. I was really very skeptical about it. However, in less than 2 months, I really did see a loss of 1 inch off the waist. When my best friend saw me for the first time one month after I started training with Jay, she exclaimed that I looked like I’ve shrunk about 2 sizes! I was so happy about it!
Indeed, Jay not only is a very approachable and dedicated trainer, he also makes a good friend to have. I believe if I had been a more obedient student, we would have been able to achieve even better results.
Thank you!


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