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When I first came to Dan Teng mainly to lose weight. Lo and behold, I also came with many past injuries I’d before and there were some that I don’t even aware of. Nevertheless, I m tkful that I’m more aware of it now n I m more aware of what r normal acceptable Gd pain n what r Nt – the bad pain.
During the past 5 weeks I have lost ard 3kg+. Dan is very different from other personal trainers I have met or seen. During our initial few sessions Dan assessed my fitness level and along the way there r still some fine tuning as he helped me to develop a sustainable and customized program to meet my needs n goal. He is unlike many who talks a lot and he doesn’t do hard selling of any kind. He is rather professional, knowledgeable about strength, physical training, cardio, weight loss and nutrition and etc. & I believed that this is not just a job for him, but rather it is his passion & he truly cares about his clients.
He helps to look through my daily food logs; and he advise and workout a diet plan that is good & suitable for me too. He generally is one who doesn’t talk a lot.. But he would try to listen to how I feel and what I think… I m thankful that as we work together there r certain understanding established thru time. Some times i can be rather hard on myself n thank God for Dan he ll listen as i shared w him my struggles. He would try to encourage me n Tk God he wasn’t like a task master. 😀 Many at times Dan is rather patient with me especially when I felt lost and upset with myself for those weakness I see in myself. I know he has thought about our workout well before it starts. It is always tailored to me. Dan is very in tune with my injuries, how I recover from a prior workout, and if and when something hurts during a training session. He quickly changes and adapts the exercise to something else which doesn’t put a strain on me.
Dan is someone who nice, helpful n committed to help in order to achieve your maximum potential towards your goal despite which ever level u r coming from.


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