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Ritwik, Vice President, Citibank

“To me, a good trainer is one who takes a holistic approach to fitness – one who looks at more than just the physical attributes but also mental attributes to a healthier you. Someone who understands that a good workout is not just about using the right form when lifting weights but also eating a healthy balanced meal after.
Ronald embodies all these attributes and more. Over the last two years he has helped me build a stronger core, discover my limits and then encouraged me to push the boundaries, and advised me on a healthier life style. However, most importantly, he has become a good friend. Despite my countless name – calling during tough workouts he always runs his training sessions with a smile on his face and a strong work ethic. This is someone who takes joy and pride in his work which always makes the training sessions enjoyable and worth it. He is a good compliment to my other exercises such as tennis and Muy Thai.”


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