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Zhen Hao, Surveyor

I met Victor about 6 years ago when I was still very new to the gym. He approached me and corrected my technique when I was doing shoulder presses and taught me how to do it correctly. He seems like a knowledgeable and likeable guy so I decided to try out 12 personal training sessions with him.

As the training sessions get tougher, I find myself starting to see some noticeable results. My goal is to get bigger as I’m underweight and I mange to put on a reasonable amount of mass while losing fat in my tummy with the help of my trainer. His training method varies on his client’s needs and for me, a Bodybuilding style approach is more suitable.

These few years I learnt a lot from Victor and I’m very satisfied with the results. Im still trying to get better but at least I’m on the right track. He is a committed trainer that takes pride in his profession.


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