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Personal Trainer Singapore Joshua


I specialise in muscle building and fat loss. I work mostly with working adults, guiding them to weave fitness into their busy schedules progressively and systematically.

I believe in implementing knowledge not just in resistance training, but also in nutrition, lifestyle choices, and the psychology behind habit formation. To me, results should go beyond looking better, but also feeling better.

I believe in cementing every exercise and nutrition programme with an evidence-based approach. I focus on tailoring training according to my clients’ lifestyles and unique preferences, to support them in achieving their goals and exercise adherence.

I have trained a variety of people: from students, working adults, to people with special needs. Witnessing the vast improvements they make over time, as well as the confidence and pride they feel in themselves, is the reason why I do what I do.

I began my own fitness journey not being able to do a single pull-up the whole of my National Service. Since then, I’ve seen the positive changes that melding fitness into my life has brought. It imparts strength to the weak, discipline to the wild, and confidence to the meek. To be able to guide others to attain the same pride and fulfilment through fitness bridles me with purpose.


  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer