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justin2.jpgJustin being featured on Men's Health Nov 2015 issue

That fateful day on 24th April 2014 when i made that call to Tze Khit , never have i imagined that that was gonna be a life changing phone call for me. When we finally met at Gold's Gym on tuesday, he had me at :" Justin, I am very passionate about what i do. I am very result oriented." The conviction in the voice & confidence in his eyes were undeniable. That evening, he followed up on the meds i was taking for my diabetes & high cholesterol, so he could have a better understanding in what i was using. That was another jab of confidence that i have indeed signed up with the right person! Tze Khit is really outstanding in his field , highly intelligent with a treasure trove of health & fitness knowledge. He places high values on correct form for each exercise & constantly motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. In the first month when i visited my doctor, he was surprised that my sugar level is very well controlled, so meds were cut down. In another 2 weeks, i weaned off the cholesterol pills. In my doctor's own words : "These are the results i wanna see as a doctor for a patient whom i have been seeing for the past 22 years. Keep up the wonderful job & please tell your trainer , Dr Chen says a big thank you to him for changing you." The waterwoks came...... No bullshit is what Tze Khit is, in the literal sense. He is the real deal in this fitness industry full of wannabes. ( trust me when i say this! I have had my fair share of disappointments & BS from some trainers.) Forbes Lifestyle mentioned that everyone should have a mentor in what he or she does at some point in life. It doesn't matter when you start, as long as you do! I am 40 & i have found my mentor. Props to Tze Khit for re-training my attitude while i re-train my body, mind & soul. Nothing but RESPECT for him & always grateful he is on this life changing journey with me. Signing off with this - " Your life is your message to the world.Make sure it's inspiring."

- Justin Koh, Business Owner

International Super Model Jessica Minh Anh Training with Tze Khit to Prepare for Fashion Show @ Gardens By The Bay:

personal training model.jpg
personal training model 2.jpg

I'm so glad to have found Tze Khit. Many things I've done wrongly with dieting and exercise previously were quickly and effectively corrected by him. I have lost inches off problematic areas, I don't feel like I’m starving myself anymore and now I have so much more confidence when I present myself to others. Consulting him has definitely helped me in advancing my career.

Your search for a personal trainer should end here. Tze Khit and his team promises to deliver and you won’t be disappointed!

- Luisa, Miss Singapore 2014 & Top Local Model
Celebrity & Actor Keagan Kang Training with Tze Khit at Gold's Gym:

Local Celebrity & Actor Elvin Ng Training with Tze Khit at Gold's Gym:


Local Celebrity Bloggers Training with Khit at Gold's Gym:

bloggers personal training.jpg
Counter clockwise from top left corner: Lucinda Zhou, Chevonne Cheng, Renzee, Audrey Lim (left), Jamie Tan (right)
Having worked with personal trainers in the past (and failed), I was cautious about starting again!  After 5 sessions, I couldn't be happier and fitter.  I can really see the results and it's so refreshing to find a trainer who REALLY knows what they are talking about. So many of them get it wrong!   Khit's nutritional information and diet plan has also been a great help and I have learnt so much about my own body. My friends are now asking who I train with and wanting to get in on the action.  I'm hooked!
 - Aimi Hautau, Fashion Consultant & Designer, Orchard
*Your results may vary.

irene alex.jpgThen: 72Kg. Now: 58Kg

"Everybody says that you should feel good and that your interior is more important than the outside but deep down, everyone knows that that is B.S.

You do not feel good when you are fat and nobody will even talk to you enough to find out about your beautiful inside!

I have been plump all my life till I went to the obese scale at 167cm. I gained 12kg in a span of 4 years and everyday I was miserable. Ever since I stepped into the gym, I lost all 12kg in 6 months and I'm still aiming to lose 5 more.

Thinking back, I spent 4 years crying over my fats when I could have solved it in 6 months. Alex is a great trainer for beginners because he's always concerned about your well-being instead of screaming your dignity away. How dedicated is he into fitness? Well, he's a gym owner at mid 20s and all based on his hardworking nature, building his empire one step at a time."

- Irene Poh, Events Management
Three and a half months into weight training under Tze Khit has helped me achieve numerous goals which were deemed unattainable in the past. Through the personalised program and diet plan that Tze Khit assigned, I was able to make vast improvement in both strength and stamina, gaining 11 kg over 15 weeks. This transformation in my physique entails a healthier lifestyle and has definitely increased my confidence level in various aspects of my life.
As a beginner in weight training and one who had stopped exercising for almost two decades, I was a bit apprehensive about going to the gym initially as I was not sure whether I could handle the tough demands of the physical training. This fear, however, was totally unnecessary as Tze Khit, with his many years of experience as a professional trainer, is always able to pitch each training session at an appropriate and effective level which matches my capabilities.
Tze Khit is a very friendly and approachable trainer. His programme carries a unique personal touch which makes every training session a pleasant, interesting, fun and engaging experience. As a patient trainer who is passionate in coaching, he would take time to ensure I acquire the correct forms and techniques and would explain the importance and functions of each exercise with elaborated details. Above all, he possesses the ability to make people go the extra mile. It is amazing how his words of encouragement could always inspire and motivate me to stretch my limits further.
Looking at the photographs of myself taken right at the start of the training programme, one could easily detect a significant improvement in my build now. Many friends also commented that I look better, stronger and healthier. I am very pleased about my present achievements and I know all these would not have been possible without the help of my great trainer, Tze Khit. Indeed, working with Tze Khit has added a new dimension in my life and I really appreciate what he has taught and shared with me. For that, I will continue to strive towards achieving better results.
Most recent results:
weeyong 3.jpg
Picture1 124.jpg untitled.bmp
Picture1 004.jpg untitled2.bmp
Then: 61.8kg | Now: 80.4kg

-Wee Yong, Teacher, Gold's Gym
*Your results may vary.
mike dx.jpg
Before: 90kg, 24% bodyfat
After: 75kg, 12% bodyfat & a cooler haircut

- Mike, Ex-banker, World Traveler

*Your results may vary.
Nature has no mercy! This statement is so true as I grew “Older”! I am not overweight to begin with but I realized that with age, my metabolic rate starts to dip and I tend to put on weight extremely fast though I am not even a big eater!  With losing weight in mind, I embarked on my own exercise regime, telling a very determined me to hit the gym at least twice a week. However, the very determined me is always falling short of my own promise. Even when I hit the gym, all I did was cardio. Weight machines and weights were daunting though I did tried a couple of times.  But not knowing the correct techniques resulted in injuries, aches and pains each time I tried weights training on my own. Worst of all, these gym sessions on my own were boring, repetitive and not very effective!  Hence my decision to get a personal trainer with good knowledge to guide and kick my butt when I slack!
Engaging Khit as my PT has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made.  Khit is very patient, dedicated, and quite humorous with some lame jokes at times and very knowledgeable in health and fitness issues. When I am frustrated, he encourages me. When I am whiny, he pushes me and when I am uncertain of my abilities, he assures me.  Work out sessions is no longer boring, repetitive and ineffective! Khit always ensures that there are creative and variations in terms of the workouts to ensure my interest are piqued; he also effectively rotates the workouts around based on my goals.  I look forward to my workout sessions and always end my session feeling triumphant especially when I am able to lift heavier and heavier weights!  From someone who cannot even pull most glass doors to most shopping malls, I am now able to pull every door effortlessly on top of looking toner, leaner with more muscle definition!
I am now working on having a toned washboard abs which I am sanguine Khit will guide me along to achieve!  People who take care of their bodies exude better self confidence. When you are physically fit, you not only look fabulous but you radiate a certain aura of Confidence and Charisma. I am happy and thankful to have Khit as my personal trainer who helped me achieved all these!  On a final note, Khit is also quite an eye candy so that‘s an added bonus!  :P

- Gladys, Sales Manager, Gold's Gym

*Your results may vary.
fat loss success.jpg
Being plus sized for most part of my life, picking up courage to go to the gym isnt easy. After much persuasion from my other half, I started personal training at my little condominium gym. The rest is history. After losing more than 20 kgs, I feel like a totally different person.

I'd definitely recommend personal training to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel fitter. Good job and your team!

My next goal is to run a half marathon. Wish me luck!

- Maria, Homemaker

*Your results may vary.
Hi Dan… On our 2nd last sms…you wrote…“Haha. Great to know that you are prepared to train hard”.
When we met…you took my % body fat readings thrice and each time there was no reading a.k.a error on the digital screen. Dan…I saw the shock on your face. You took your own reading and Jay’s and it worked miraculously. Haha… Wow! I was totally embarrassed. That was me at 71.4kg and haha…. more than 40% body fat as of the 12 Nov 2007. That was due to my undying love for refine carb…the yummy pizza. Lord!
The last training with Jay on 23 May 2008, I weigh 51.3kg, body fat 23.9%, BMI 21.1. As of 1st Aug 2008 at 47.8kg, I am targeting 45kg towards a 16% body fat...aka…a bikini body before Christmas 2008. All the above said… I could have not done it without Jay.
“Jay is a trainer to keep for life...his passion in helping his clients meet their fitness goals is second to none.”
On one of the training session…Monday blues struck me. When I stepped on the weighing scale, I was very upset with myself because over the weekend my caloric intake was for maintenance not weight loss and oh my Lord…I gained 300g instead…wishing the 300g weight gain was from water retention instead and deeply regretted not taking enough psyllium husk.
Had Jillian from the Biggest Loser be my trainer, she would have reprimanded, screamed and instructing more cardio for me. However Jay is totally the opposite. In confidence Jay said “Sofia…I promise…I will take that away from you by friday”.
At 7.10am, I was half dead…haha…even before attempting the 200lb leg press and looked at Jay and said in much disbelief. ”Really…Jay?” At that instant…that 300g increased in weight just melted away and psychologically I felt much lighter in years. That is how magical Jay is… even my belly dance shimmy improved with gym training.
Dan and Jay…what I want to really say is… You guys breathing and living a body building life. I am proud to say that body fat, lean muscle and nutrition makes more sense to me rather than obsessing on BMI and weight. “Whatever your fitness goals are, other than making it come true, Jay makes it simple, easy and fun too”. Jay…Thank you and Happy Birthday!
Dan…Thank you for recommending the ‘crème de la crème’ de best fitness trainer around. Body building is a sculpted art.
Fitness 101 : Fat Loss
It’s 40% nutrition, 40% resistance training, 20% cardio, 1% Fun

-Warmest regards ... Sofia Jane

*Your results may vary.
image011.jpg'Tze Khit is a very professional and proficient trainer who is skilled and competent at what he does. During each training session he sets realistic goals and encourages you to achieve them. He is able to motivate you to push yourself harder, especially when you feel like giving up. He successfully reminds you to focus while training so as to obtain optimum results.
Tze Khit also willingly extends into his personal time to coach you. This includes lengthening gym sessions if necessary to ensure that you have a proper workout. He even dedicates extra hours of his personal time to engage in sports with you outside of the gym, thus allowing you to have a more well-rounded workout.
After engaging in sessions with Tze Khit for slightly over one month, I have found that my metabolism has effectively increased. I can feel myself growing stronger and I am able to lift heavier weights as time passes. He also advises me on good nutrition and eating habits, as well as how to achieve a balanced diet.
Ever since beginning training with Tze Khit, I have felt myself becoming healthier and stronger. He is indeed an excellent trainer who is able to plan effective and efficient exercise sessions for your body which reap visible and satisfying results.'
- Tisha,19, Undergraduate and Freelance Model

*Your results may vary.

I am not exaggerating when I say that RESULTS! Personal Training, Gold’s Gym and her trainers transformed my whole life. It wasn’t just about looking and feeling better. I was eating better, sleeping better and most importantly, I found my self confidence again. I am no longer the ‘Fatty John’ in other peoples’ eyes.
Starting to exercise regularly and eat well wasn’t easy at first and many times I wanted to give up. But then I started to get results, real fast, and the more results I got, the more motivated I got to exercise and diet harder. Eventually I developed a 6 day per week exercise regime and kept to a super strict diet. It worked wonders. In 4 months I lost more than 20 kgs and in the end I even got a 4 pack - something I never dreamt of ever having in my entire life.
Today, I have a new goal. I’d like to put on more muscle mass and look like a real man! So I train 4x in Gold’s Gym and all the while keeping a strict muscle gaining diet. The atmosphere at Gold’s is fun and encouraging. I love it here and I highly recommend anyone out there with a fitness goal to give Gold’s Gym a try. You won’t be disappointed.
- John Nie, Gold's Gym

*Your results may vary.
I've been training with Gavin for a couple of years now. The sessions are varied which keeps me interested. He's flexible on timing which helps with unpredictable work requirements. Targets and goals have been achievable and realistic and I've learnt a lot. 

I could probably find a training partner and go it alone from here, but the truth of the matter is that I still enjoy the sessions. The results from his work are evident and I'm keen to see what more can be achieved through him.

- Mathew Howe

*Your results may vary.

I haven’t been exercising for quite some years, but Dan is patient, and tailors the program to suit my pace. He encourages me along the way while I exercise. reminding me the proper form while exercising to prevent injuries. He has done a nutrition plan for me to follow so that I can lose more weight effectively. He is a nice and caring trainer to work with. Although my goal is not completely achieved, I am still quite happy with the results so far. Thanks to Dan! :)

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-Ying Xian, Gold's Gym
*Your results may vary.
Following a serious back injury, I’ve had physiotherapy, yoga, and chiropractic adjustments, and was skeptical and worried about taking up weight training. But Dan has been able to modify my routine to minimize the strain on my back while still allowing me to workout for optimal results. I find Dan very knowledgeable about health and fitness and a great motivator. It is apparent that Dan enjoys what he does and this comes across in his training sessions.
I find that the results achieved are greater than the benefits I might expect from a series of individual exercises, this is because of the variety of techniques which Dan prescribes to achieve defined goals.
Dan’s energy and attitude, his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, and his ability to understand his clients’ needs make him a very good personal trainer. Dan has a “can-do” attitude that helps me to complete the workout. His motivation and encouragement helps me to push myself harder to achieve better results. I have enjoyed my weight training sessions with Dan so far, with a marked increase in strength, especially my core. I’ve had minimum flare-ups from my back conditions since I began training.
I can thoroughly recommend Dan for any goal you want to achieve, whether it would be weight loss or just an increase in fitness level. I recommend working with him if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals.

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-Mike Chong,Gold's Gym
*Your results may vary.
When I first came to Dan Teng mainly to lose weight. Lo and behold, I also came with many past injuries I'd before and there were some that I don't even aware of. Nevertheless, I m tkful that I'm more aware of it now n I m more aware of what r normal acceptable Gd pain n what r Nt - the bad pain.
During the past 5 weeks I have lost ard 3kg+. Dan is very different from other personal trainers I have met or seen. During our initial few sessions Dan assessed my fitness level and along the way there r still some fine tuning as he helped me to develop a sustainable and customized program to meet my needs n goal. He is unlike many who talks a lot and he doesn't do hard selling of any kind. He is rather professional, knowledgeable about strength, physical training, cardio, weight loss and nutrition and etc. & I believed that this is not just a job for him, but rather it is his passion & he truly cares about his clients.
He helps to look through my daily food logs; and he advise and workout a diet plan that is good & suitable for me too. He generally is one who doesn't talk a lot.. But he would try to listen to how I feel and what I think... I m thankful that as we work together there r certain understanding established thru time. Some times i can be rather hard on myself n thank God for Dan he ll listen as i shared w him my struggles. He would try to encourage me n Tk God he wasn't like a task master. :D Many at times Dan is rather patient with me especially when I felt lost and upset with myself for those weakness I see in myself. I know he has thought about our workout well before it starts. It is always tailored to me. Dan is very in tune with my injuries, how I recover from a prior workout, and if and when something hurts during a training session. He quickly changes and adapts the exercise to something else which doesn't put a strain on me.
Dan is someone who nice, helpful n committed to help in order to achieve your maximum potential towards your goal despite which ever level u r coming from.

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- Kris, Gold's Gym
*Your results may vary
I have been piling weight ever since changed to office job. I was so depressed after so many people commented that i look FAT. So I started to browse the personal trainer website and decided to give it a try. Training under Dan Teng (low profile PT) has been rewarding. He's taught me that there is no sure thing as quick fix and that lasting results take time, dedication and hardwork.
Dan always motivates and educates me on which muscles am I activating with certain excercise. He works me very hard yet he's good fun and very patient. He's also a skilled fitness professional and happy to offer nutritional advices to keep me on track and my mindset positive if I have a setback.
Last but not least, I managed to lose a lot of weight, tone up, and improve my general fitness. Thank You.:)

- Novel, Gold's Gym
*Your results may vary.
The first lesson with Jay, I shared with him my reason for engaging a Personal Trainer, which is to better fit into a dress which I'd bought for a wedding dinner just 2 months away. I told him I needed to lose 1 inch off my waist. I asked him what was his success rate, and he told me, "200%". I was really very skeptical about it. However, in less than 2 months, I really did see a loss of 1 inch off the waist. When my best friend saw me for the first time one month after I started training with Jay, she exclaimed that I looked like I've shrunk about 2 sizes! I was so happy about it!
Indeed, Jay not only is a very approachable and dedicated trainer, he also makes a good friend to have. I believe if I had been a more obedient student, we would have been able to achieve even better results.
Thank you!

- Christina, 23, Bukit Batok

*Your results may vary.
'I cannot express enough just how happy I am with my new trainer Jay Belmont. In just four weeks of training Jay has motivated and inspired me to aim high and achieve my fitness goals. He is very dedicated, reliable and informative in all aspects of health and fitness and offers great advice and guidance. He is friendly and very amiable and immediately put me at ease so that my training sessions although very challenging are always great fun and very productive.
Within this first month I am already seeing significant results and am enjoying receiving compliments from my friends and family who have noticed too. Having achieved such positive results from one month training with Jay I am eager and excited to see the effects of future training. Before moving to Singapore I have worked with three other personal trainers and I would definitely say that Jay is by far the best trainer I have had. He always goes above and beyond my expectations and the results we have achieved speak volumes.'
- Katie Owens, 31, Tanjong Pagar

*Your results may vary.
'I had a good time with my training. Michael was patient and helped me to be comfortable and work hard. Thanks.'
- Salwin, 37, Tampines
*Your results may vary.
'To motivate ourselves to get to the gym or do any training was close to impossible so we engaged the services of Jay as our trainer. With his guidance, we were able to not only get into a routine that we looked forward to every week, but also see and feel the real benefits of one-one training. Jay pinpointed our strengths and worked on our weaknesses making us stronger, fitter and healthier with every week that passed. Almost every session we would achieve a new milestone and made happen things we never thought possible! With Jay's continuous support we were able to push ourselves and each other to get closer to our goals.'
-Ching Yau, 21, Yishun

*Your results may vary.
What impresses me about Ben is that he 100% present when he is training. He is very motivating and is aware of both my limitations and potential. I definitely lost substantial cm off after training with him. Also, I was never bored, and always looked forward to attending the sessions. 
- Zaitoon, 34 Executive

*Your results may vary.
'I'm pleased and happy with the Johnson's service and think he will be able to help me achieve my goals. Good luck and do appreciate your service and am glad to have found you guys. THANK YOU!'
- Clara Daniel, 29, Redhill

*Your results may vary.
'Can't imagine anyone better. Hope to train with Jay for a longer period of time.'
- Bob, 32, Woodlands

*Your results may vary.
'On March 2007, in order to enhance our physical fitness, we engaged the services of professional trainer Jay through RESULTS! Personal Training. In terms of training programme and attitude, he was always professional and well mannered. He stood by his principles and was never compromising towards his training programme. Analyzing our individual weakness and strengths, Jay is always on the lookout for more training schemes to improve our individual fitness.
Every session is a sense of satisfaction we enjoy from the services of Jay. We firmly hold to this belief, training under Jay, our fitness will continually achieve greater heights.'
- Lionel Ang, 21, Yishun

*Your results may vary.
'For 4 years I have tried out various weight loss methods without much success. Now, with a sound nutritional and exercise program, i'm losing fat effectively and the best thing is that the weight doesn't come back on!'
- Lonny Smith, 27, Orchard

*Your results may vary.
'Jay is a very professional trainer who is extremely knowledgeable in the field of bodybuilding. He shares not only his wealth of knowledge about body building but also his personal training experiences. Jay’s approach to training is holistic as he not only comes up with the training program but he also focuses on safety as well as nutrition.
He is very encouraging and supportive during training and this has helped me to push myself to train harder. Jay’s friendly nature makes him very approachable and training has become enjoyable.
I personally would recommend Jay as a trainer as through him I have become stronger and healthier and my physique has become more defined. Thanks Jay!'
- Alvin Chua, 34, Bishan

*Your results may vary.
'It was early May 2008…I was frustrated, angry and not motivated….
I had reached a wall in my gyming routine, and wanted to get a personal trainer to achieve my fitness goals. I started surfing the net and came across the Personal Trainers Singapore website. I called them and signed up within 24 hrs :)
To say that Tze Khit is an extremely good trainer is an understatement. He is more – much much more than that!! Extremely professional, friendly, competent, knowledgeable and I could go on… He goes the extra mile to make you feel good and is always there to give then extra push just when you feel you can’t do it anymore. His sessions are very engaging and as much I don’t like some exercises I have started enjoying them - well some of them at least.
It’s been about 6-7 weeks now since I started and I feel GREAT about myself.  Ffriends, colleagues, etc have noticed the change in body size and it makes me feel good. I have a long way to go, but I would not have been able to do it without a great trainer like Tze Khit!
It’s good to know that there are trainers who go beyond their time and their specific framework of their job to take care of their clients, and Tze Khit is just one of them. I have a long way to go, but I have a great trainer with me…so it’s going to be motivating, challenging and great.
Thank you!!!'
- Reema, 34, Psychologist

*Your results may vary.
' Jay has got to be one of the friendliest trainers I know and continues to impress me with his wittiness!!
He has helped me shed the pounds and continues to push me to all levels.  As a result of some injuries I am not a big fan of cardio so my concern was losing weight and NOT building muscle….his training techniques has proved amazing results in the few months I have had him as my trainer.
Nothing does more to ensure a healthy attitude than heading in the right direction with an enthusiastic trainer and companion…Thanks Jay.
I look forward to more training sessions and even more results!!!'
- Kelly Puri, 30, Tanglin

*Your results may vary.
'A month of training with Tze Khit has not only made me stronger and more motivated to improve my health and fitness levels but also, has pushed me further in working hard to aim better than my current set goals. Tze Khit's words of encouragement and motivation has truly helped in spurring me further to better myself from each previous session each time I meet him for a new session.
Not only is Tze Khit patient, he is also a caring trainer ensuring you are in the best of form before each session and making the effort of asking you on any problems encountered so far since the start of training. He patiently advises you on the set nutritional diet, giving tips along the way in improving your diet thus enabling you to achieve a better progress in the long run.
Tze Khit is truly a wholesome trainer who provides a holistic training programme for his clients catering to their individual and specific needs. He is able to answer any queries that you have and advises you accordingly in both your training and nutrition diet. He also exhibits strong patience and motivational values as a personal trainer, enabling a client to be comfortable during his/her training programme and spurring him/her on in working hard for a better result.'
- Filzah, 22, Undergraduate

*Your results may vary.
Ben is a very patient trainer who I would highly recommend to those looking to lose weight and have fun doing so. Every session was great and I learnt to be more disciplined when it came to my exercise routine. Thanks Ben!
- Debby Nesbastiansyah, 42 Mother of Two

*Your results may vary.
Greetings Tze Khit!
Wellington here. I'm writing in to express my gratitude for being my pt! Around 2005, while I was in the army, I lost a considerable amount of weight. I was really skinny and it was affected my physical health. In addition, I got really self conscious at times. Even after countless times to the gym, I made no progress at all!
Meeting you a few months back was indeed a fortuitous encounter for me. Considering how lanky you were in Junior college, I was amazed by the success you achieved in building up a fantastic body! I needed help from someone who has "been there and done that.", thus I decided to take up your personal training; with the goal of gaining more body mass and muscles to look good on the beach!
From day 1, while assessing my physical aptitude, I was impressed by your professionalism and knowledge in personal training. Going a step further to advise me on my recommended diet to achieve my goal was an added bonus! While at the gym, you taught me the proper forms and techniques to lift the weights; it was alot of information and yet, you managed to help me digest the information easily. I really appreciate how you handled my questions as well as how you initiate positive conversations and friendly banter along the way to keep the sessions enjoyable! More importantly, thank you for instilling in me a great attitude to exercising. You provided me much encouragement, and I remain just as motivated when I go work out now!
I'm still keeping up to my workout schedule because I'm loving it! Recently, my Dad passed a comment that he's noticed great improvements to my body. Yeah! I can feel my abs now too! And I feel more empowered and confident to embrace the present and take on challenges tomorrow brings. Spiritual, mental and physical fortitude are extremely important in my life. Tze Khit, thank you for bringing that to me.
Warmest regards,
Wellington Lee
Associate Manager
Dennis Wee Realty Pte Ltd
HP: 9380 6433
*Your results may vary.
After a month of weight training with Tze Khit, I have experienced significant improvement in strength and stamina as well as lost some unwanted weight. Tze Khit is a truly professional and competent trainer who is able to plan effective exercise sessions to help you achieve your goals. He is also very patient and is able to explain the techniques involved and the rationale behind each exercise clearly. Tze Khit sets out realistic goals and always motivates you to push yourself harder, especially when you think you can’t go further. An encouraging and friendly trainer, Tze Khit certainly makes each session engaging and enjoyable. Having never done weight training before, I wasn’t sure I would like it but now I find myself looking forward to each session. Besides, weight training has also motivated me in sticking to my exercise regime and now,  I  always set aside time to work out no matter how busy I am.
Tze Khit is really a great trainer who takes a genuine interest in your overall well-being. I am thankful to him for helping me achieve my short term goals in merely four weeks. I still have a long way to go but I believe with self-discipline and determination, my fitness levels would continue to improve and I would eventually achieve what I set out to do.
 - Yilin, Teacher

*Your results may vary.
Tze Khit has been my personal trainer for the past 2 months. 3 days a week he will meet up with me to give me proper weight training instructions. Knowing that my main concern is to reduce my weight, Tze Khit personally prepared a food menu for me. I always thought that to lose weight I definitely must say NO to lots of food but surprisingly, the meal plan Tze Khit had for me was kind of interesting and there was no deprivation. After one month of following his menu plan, Tze Khit encouraged me to start my own food journal so that he can help to keep track of my food intake. I think that it is a very good idea because we will then be encountable for each other in both ways.... I eat and he track... he advise and I follow : )
Tze Khit has in depth knowledge of fitness and food nutrition. He often shares with me different kinds of weight training exercises that will tone up different parts of my body. He also explains to me that how proteins, vitamins & omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients are beneficial to your body and how they can help to increase your metabolism so that you can achieve your ideal body with good results.
I'm very glad I have Tze Khit as my personal trainer. Sometimes I think that I'm just so lucky to have a trainer cum a food nutritionist : )
- Cabby Chia, Admin Manager

*Your results may vary.
It has been two months since I have started training with Tze Khit and it has definitely been a very enjoyable and beneficial experience despite all the pain that this guy has put me through. (haha) Tze Khit is a very professional trainer, with a lot of knowledge and insite into physical training. The first thing he gets you to do is tell him what goals you have for your body, and he uses these goals to develop a programme for both your workout in the gym as well as for your diet and nutrition at home. He is very focussed on what he has you working toward and in doing so guarantees results.
Tze Khit gives you a very solid techinique in the exercises that he has you doing, as the first few sessions is spent on trying to get your form perfect. I believe this is very important as it prevents injuries to the body which is probably the worse thing that can happen after starting to go to the gym (both for you and the trainer’s rep.) When this is done, the weights then start piling on. I should make it clear that Tze Khit does not take it easy on you, neither does he push you over the edge, theres always that balance that he maintains to ensure that the body can recover in time for the next session. He is always there to give you motivation and push you to achieve your potential. Every session, the weights get heavier, ensuring progress toward what you are aiming for. Any question that I throw at Tze Khit is always answered in detail and often he goes beyond what he needs to tell you. For example if you asked him what thisparticular exercise is good for, he answers the question and helps you understand by demonstating which muscles you are activating. Also he elaborates on the different variations of the exercise that could be done.  After the gym session you are always cursing Tze Khit for the soreness of your muscles and for all the energy that hes drained from you, but in the end when you start seeing the results you would love him for it.
Within this two months of training with Tze Khit, I have certainly felt myself growing bigger and stronger as each session passed. I’m also receiving comments on how I look bigger than I was just two months ago. My knowledge of weight lifting has increased, not only in the area of how to build up muscles, but also in the areas of nutrition and prevention of injury. When training with Tze Khit, you do not need to worry whether the results will come, all you need to do is listen to his advice and before you know it you will see yourself getting closer towards your target.
- David Hum, Student

*Your results may vary.
"A committed and knowledgeable trainer, Tze Khit is someone who emphasises form and technique of the exercises, and not how heavy one can lift. I have been training for a few years before I engage him as my personal trainer. He corrected my posture in many of my lifting exercises and explained clearly the reasons for correcting them. Cordial and approachable, he shows an interest in talking to you and getting to know more about you, other than fitness issues. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer."
- Alfred Loo, Teacher

*Your results may vary.
" For a long time, my weight has hovered between 59kgs - 61kgs. Therefore, it was to my utmost delight and excitement when I lost a grand total of 8 inches around my body and a staggering 4.5kgs in simply a month! Other than that, i feel stronger, less lethargic and more equipped to take on the pressures of the business world.
Tze Khit stands out where he is ever so patient, supportive and focused about what he does best. More importantly, he displays a fiery passion for health and fitness and has led me into a steady, manageable and healthy weight loss by being a prime ex ample of what he preaches. Initially, he would even extend the session so that he could educate me on the importance of nutrition and having the right food-ration. Eventually it was this same dedication that he had for his work that won me over and helped transformed my lifestyle in to a much more pleasant and healthy one!
Today, i look better than i ever have and am more confident in my demeanor and attitude. Thank you Tze Khit for bringing such positive impact into my life. You are much appreciated for your work.
- Lucia Ku, Self-employed, Bedok

*Your results may vary.
"Hi Tze Khit,
Time flies. I'm extremely happy with the workouts and the way things are going so far.
I knew that without the guidance of a personal trainer, based on my past experience, I would not likely develop and continue to pursue good fitness habits.
Regarding the push limits and encourage progress during each session. It is great to keep building on the previous workout. I find that my body is getting used to this with less muscle soreness. I also like having you keep track of where I am, what I completed the prior workout and where I need to go next. I appreciate your focus on technique. You monitor where my back is and whether or not my arms are tucked etc. Knowing that you have the training and expertise backed up by actual experience leads to a feeling of security that gives me confidence to continue to push and improve my skills.
Your nutrional program is working for me as well based on my progress so far. My goal was/is to get healthier by losing weight, exercising and eating right. So far after 4 weeks, I have lost nearly 5 KGs down to 106.3 from 111. I feel better, am less tired and I have cut much of the sugar out of my diet, while still enjoying a 'reward' meal or two every week.
I like your style Tze Khit. Professionalism is important to me as a beginner because I am self conscious about my lack of skills and how far I need to go. You are serious and professional during the workout, but still friendly and relaxed. For the first time in many years I believe I may actually reach my fitness goals...and that is largely thanks to you."
Best regards,
Michael, Banker, Gold’s Gym

*Your results may vary.
"I have been training for Tze Khit for a month. This is my first time using a personal trainer. The best part about training with TK is that I get to do it in the convenience of my home. Juggling family and work leaves me with little time to run to the gym and back. TK has all the requisite equipment to give me a complete workout. I like that he often varies the sessions so that training does not get monotonous. He is also constantly thinking about new equipment and new exercises for his clients. He is professional yet personable. He knows when to motivate and encourage without berating and lecturing. Another thing I appreciate is that he listens to me, the client. Often you meet so-called experts who are only willing to engage in one direction. TK is not like that. He is willing to listen to your opinions, requests, preferences, etc and does not force anything down the throat. I wish him well as he continues to improve himself through part time studies in sports science."
- Dr Suzanne Wong, G.P, Cavenagh Rd

*Your results may vary.
"I have known and worked with Tze Khit for over a month now in his role as personal trainer at RESULTS! Personal Training.
At the outset, he asked me to think about my goals and the reasons as to why I had engaged his services. In the subsequent sessions, he structured the work out program to meet these goals. In his approach to personal training, Tze Khit has shown creativity and variety in our sessions and thus I have not been bored at all. Boredom was a wall that I had frequently hit in my own fitness regime (if you can call it that) and thus the variety of exercises that Tze Khit introduced was excellent. His constant encouragement to work harder is a testament to his commitment to my goals. I found Tze Khit to be highly focused, enthusiastic and fully committed as well as knowledgeable about the human body as well as its biomechanics - I felt that the latter was especially crucial so that injuries would be avoided.
I have been exceedingly happy with the results thus far and it is a pleasure to work with Tze Khit as he is a good communicator well and gives essential feedback on my progress.
- Adrian Loh, Analyst, Holland Hill

*Your results may vary.
I have always thought I was in good shape, but as the years catch up with me and portions of my body started to expand I thought that I should get a trainer and start working on my eating habits. Tze Khit sat with me before our sessions began to discuss my particular and individual goals. With these goals in mind, he set up a personal, tailored program to achieve maximum benefits for my body type. Tze Khit is unique because of his ability to appreciate that not everyone's body is the same and his appreciation of this allows me to see maximum gains. Tze Khit's training sessions can be tough, demanding, brutal which is EVERYTHING my body needs! Training with Tze Khit, is not only changing the way my body looked, it is changing the whole way I viewed food and exercise.
I am learning how to get the most out of my time spent working out and how to combine foods for optimum health and energy. He knows and understands the muscles; how they react and respond to weight training. Training with Tze Khit has taught me not just what exercises to do but how to make sure I do them correctly. He not only makes sure that I am on the correct overall workout, but he also knows the small details, such as grip and stance, that can make a big difference.
As a result, I am feeling better both psychologically and physically. At 30, I'm happier and healthier than I ever was in my 20's! More importantly, Tze Khit takes the guesswork out of working out and provides motivation. Tze Khit sees each person's individuality and tailors the workouts accordingly. Tze Khit is, not only a talented and knowledgeable trainer, he is fun, energetic and surprisingly humorous. These qualities make it close to impossible to fail meeting your goals!"
- Loretta Yuen, Legal Counsel, Kallang

*Your results may vary.
Tze Khit is a versatile trainer, personal trainer cum physiotherapist cum nutritionist. He has a good knowledge in what he is doing. I am already seeing quite a fair bit of results after only 8 sessions with him. I gained one extra inch at the circumference of my arms! Although he pushes you to your limit during every session but training with him is definitely enjoyable.. Tze Khit is also very punctual, he is never late for his sessions! He has no qualms extending beyond the agreed one hour session at no extra charge to ensure that you have a proper work out. This clearly demonstrates his dedication and professionalism.
- Mervin Ho, Student, Sengkang

*Your results may vary.
Before training with Tze Khit, I have attempted all ways to lose weight but eating healthily and exercising regularly has never crossed my mind because I simply abhor exercising. It was then I realized that I need a person to motivate me in my weight loss journey. I did some research and chose Tze Khit as my personal trainer for his outstanding credentials. After working with him, I would choose him for his knowledge, professionalism and creativity.
As I have progressed, Tze Khit has consistently adjusted my workouts to reflect these improvements.  His diverse range of exercises makes every workout fun and challenging. Tze Khit is also able to cater to the needs of his clients by knowing what the best workout that will suit each client is.  It was tough getting trained as there is no opportunity for cheating during training as Tze Khit is counting out my reps but the almost immediate results motivated me more and more. Tze Khit will also advise me on what foods to avoid in order for me to lose weight effectively. He is also very informative when it comes to health and fitness and is able to answer my questions and clear my doubts.
Tze Khit has also prepared a diet plan for me which comprises of a great variety of food which is healthy and at the same time, satisfying. As a result, I found out that my eating habits have changed totally and food was no longer the top priority for the day. I am grateful to Tze Khit for helping me to change my lifestyle and regain my self-confidence. After three months of training with Tze Khit, I have noticed significant changes in my strength, body shape and increased energy throughout the day.
I feel that I am getting healthier and happier in life after embarking on this weight loss plan.  And best of it all, I am starting to like myself for who I am.
- Jacqueline Khoo, Student, Bedok

*Your results may vary.
I always had the idea that weight training was meant for guys only till I started my personal training program with my trainer, Tze Khit. He made me realize the benefits of weight training, and how it could help with fat loss and the improvement of my overall well-being without looking big or muscular. Tze Khit suggested individualized exercise routines that are challenging, but not more than I can handle.
Tze Khit is passionate about fitness and it can be seen through the energy and enthusiasm he brings during each session. His spontaneous personality made each workout comfortable and fun. Through constructive feedback and constant encouragement, he retrained my attitude and challenged me to go beyond my perceived limits to achieve results.
Tze Khit not only advised me on healthy food choices , but also the importance of good eating habits so as to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of doing each exercise in the correct form so as to prevent unnecessary stress on my lower back due to a past injury.
After training with Tze Khit for slightly over one month, my lower back muscles has strengthened a lot and I started feeling healthier and better about myself. If you are serious about making a change in your lifestyle, Tze Khit will guide you every step of the way.
- Ong Shi Hui, Marine Parade
*Your results may vary.
A friend of mine gave me Khit's contact when I said I was serious about getting fit and losing weight. I couldn't find a realistic and manageable program to help me then. I was hesitant at first but after training with him, I have started to trust him. Khit has helped me understand my body and how to train correctly and safely to attain my goals. Most of all, he helped to motivate and push me mentally and physically beyond what I think is possible. This is very important to me especially when things aren't always going my way. Even though each training session is tough, I have seen results while learning to maintain a manageable and realistic fitness program. 
- Hui, Speech therapist, Gold’s Gym

*Your results may vary.
“I started my personal training programme with Tze Khit, a personal trainer with Gold Gym, in November 2010 because I wanted to lose weight, tone my body and increase my overall activity level for a healthier lifestyle.  Within 3 months (or about 12 PT sessions), I lost 10kg and achieved my other objectives as well! 
Tze Khit is an experienced and knowledgeable Personal Trainer.  Before we started the programme, he conducted an interview to understand my exercise objectives and also my medical history on past injuries or conditions.  During training, he applies the right amount of encouragement to help me push my limits and achieve more. 
The ambience at Gold Gym is cozy and there is an easy camaraderie among the members, united in their aim to keep fit and healthy.  The result I achieved motivates me to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  Today, besides weekly personal training sessions, I make it a point to jog weekly and do other forms of exercise, where time permits.  Overall, it was an empowering and rewarding experience.”
- Lawrence, Marketing Director

*Your results may vary.
Khit  knows what he is doing. He is a professional and dedicated trainer. He will not let you slack to keep to your goals. I had a personal trainer before but my experience with Khit is totally different. He pushes me to the limit I never thought I have.  His creative workouts ensure his clients remain interested and challenged every session. As a result, I feel fitter and stronger. 
- Dr. Irwani, ER Doctor

*Your results may vary.
Two years ago, I realised that an inevitable paunch was sticking out absurdly from the rest of my body. It was definitely putting off, but I was at a loss of comprehending what could be done. Running on the tread mill was an unbearable and torturous prospect to me and I knew that my back pains would not allow me to pursue even one of the many sports I had played as a child. When my wife suggested personal training coach Tze Khit, I was a bit reluctant but yet I started. The person who went into the gym with a crabby attitude on the first session came out of the gym 6 months later with a fitter body and an accomplished smile on his face.
Soon enough, my paunch was gone and I was back at an acceptable weight. Furthermore, my wife’s complaints about my snoring dwindled before disappearing all together and I realised that my back was stronger and I could actually play basketball with my elated daughter! It was a life-changing experience. I tend to get bored with anything quite fast….. but Tze Khit’s training has been holding my 100% attention from the past two years.
When I reached my desired weight, coach suggested that I build my muscles…. Now, with fast-growing muscles and a fit body…. It’s just time before my family actually declares me “buff”
Thanks Coach!
- Indeevar Kaul 
Finance Director, Trains at Gold’s Gym

*Your results may vary.
After the long struggle of fifteen years, our series of annoying and endless hit and trial techniques in the endeavour of losing weight (and putting it on again) – which came and went faster than a Frisbee on the most windy day of the year came to an end with Coach Tze Khit’s entry in our life two years ago. Not only was the shedding of weight (all credit to him) a blessing, but also the ways and means to maintain it. Under his focused and strict guidance, we leapt our way back to good health J . Tze Khit is now an added member to our nuclear family. All three of us – My husband, daughter and I are his stark devotees (if I may use the word).
- Minakshi Kaul, Home-maker

*Your results may vary.
I have now been training with Tze Khit for a year, he is by far the best personal trainer I have worked with either in Singapore or Europe. His success has been achieved through his particular his attention to detail and carefully worked out training sessions, which have enabled me to achieve my personal training goals (fitness level, specific muscle group development, weight loss etc). The availability of advice on diet and nutrition supplements has also been a useful service. The new Gym at Bukit Merah, provides a significant expansion of facilities and equipment including access to an Olympic sized swimming pool. I would strongly recommend Tze Khit, his team and his gyms to anyone looking for a personal trainer or gym membership.
- Sebastian Tibbles, Managing Director  
 *Your results may vary.
b4after2.JPG b4after3.JPG
 Before  After

- Daryl Chong, 130Kg to 98Kg in 5 months
(Trains with Jason)

*Your results may vary.
b4after4.JPG b4after5.JPG
Before After
- Robin Chang, 90Kg to 69Kg in 12 months
(Trains with Jason)

*Your results may vary.

Karen Choo has been my personal trainer since May 2011. When I began working with Karen, I did only regular jogging and did not know how to utilise any of the gym equipments save the treadmill. I didn’t even know how to do proper stretching after exercising! Karen was very patient in teaching me the various muscle groups and how the different equipments targeted each muscle group. She then spent additional time beyond the allocated class time to stretch with me so that I could do that on my own after working out.
She is professional and always punctual. She would send a sms the day before to remind me of my training. During each session, she maintains a watchful eye on my posture to ensure that I do not hurt myself. Workout routines are interesting and constantly changed to challenge different muscle groups. She always take her time to explain any fitness queries that I have.
She cares for her clients. There was once when I was feeling under the weather during training and she followed up with me to ensure that I was ok. For the couple of times when I had discomfort (blocked ears) and injury (scraped knee), she would do the necessary adjustment to ensure that I have a meaningful workout without aggravating my pain.
Lastly, she is fun to be with and is an inspiration. She is humorous and cracks jokes to take my mind off, especially when I am tired. She enjoys her food (I am a foodie) and yet is able to maintain her fitness with ease. She looks more than 10 years younger than her actual age. Most importantly, she would utilise her great interpersonal skills to encourage you to never give up and she would never make you feel inferior.
Just after 14 sessions with her, I had cut my weight by 3kg and my 10km run timing by 5 minutes. Now, I look better and feel better, and could attempt physical activities and more strenuous exercises with confidence. I hope this sharing paints the picture I intended: one of an encouraging, inspiring, and professional trainer who is dedicated to improving your fitness. Karen has my highest recommendation as a trainer and my full support.

- Ho Cheeng Tse, Engineer

*Your results may vary.
Before: 48kg After: 75kg

 - Jake Cheng, Gold's Gym

*Your results may vary.

In 6 weeks, I lost 6 kilos, all my aches and pains disappeared, my energy levels improved and my food cravings, especially for sweets, disappeared. I was sleeping very well and just felt great. 

I find it always helps to understand the impact certain foods have on body chemistry and that is where I found Pooja’s approach worked well for me. Pooja explained how food was affecting my body and told me about using specific healing foods. This, I found, helped me stick to the programme.

I really enjoyed the consultations as Pooja is so easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. She listened to what I had to say and was never intimidating or judgmental.
- Susan Taylor, Age 44
*Your results may vary.
In my forties now I realized that I should tackle the problem from a different angle. I found Pooja to be very welcoming and non-judgemental. She also displays great knowledge. She helped me understand how my body works and explained some physiological obstacles to long term weight loss. We identified that food intolerances were behind many of my symptoms. 

I had a great success being on her plan. After just a few weeks, I felt free from cravings. My energy returned and my hair, skin and eyes looked brighter. I received many compliments from friends who told me I was radiant. 

I was really amazed to see the changes in such a short time and how powerful food can be.
- Nicole Anderson, Age 44
Mother of 3
 *Your results may vary.
From the first phone consultation I had with Pooja, I felt that she “got it”. She understood what I needed. Pooja explained to me how different processes in the body were creating my symptoms and how selecting specific foods can make a difference. I was impressed by how she tailored a plan to suit my lifestyle. That ensured it was something I was able to stick to. 

I have lost 18 pounds but that’s not all. My skin is less irritated and itchy, I have more energy and the 4pm cravings have lessened. I am able to do more in the day, and sleep much better at night. And, I can wear clothes that I haven’t worn in years!
- Julia Cameron, Age 40
Mother of two
 *Your results may vary.
Over the years, Physioclinic has referred numerous physiotherapy clients to Gold's Gym Singapore & Results Personal Training for fitness training. The great work they provide gets my clients talking and they are always full of praise for their personal trainers. I am very glad to be working with such a professional organization and look forward to referring more clients to them in the near future. All the best to your success!

- Michelle Kwong, Principal Physiotherapist, Physioclinic
image1 (1).jpeg

I’m keen to write a review of Corden whom I been training with for 6 months or so now and seen tremendous results. I’ve gone from 86kg to 69kg. His professionalism and expertise has really impressed me; but the results speak for themselves. 

In context; I’ve battled with weight loss for some 10 years. I attended the gym 5 days a week and in Singapore for the past 4 years was a member of a gymnasium attending fitness classes daily as well as hiring their PT’s 3 times a week, but saw little to no results. 

Then I stumbled across your site and thought I’d give it a go! Best decision I made for my weight-loss and fitness wishes. 

I could not thank Corden or - indeed - recommend him enough! In fact a few friends have signed up with him and are seeing great results. 

Thanks Corden!

- Barry Boyle

Disclaimer: Before/after pictures, results of clients and testimonials are for reference only. They do not imply, or guarantee, that you will get the same results. Your results may vary. Always seek medical advice before starting an exercise/diet program.